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There are no rules, you have not been here before
Oct 14, 2022

Reading time 2 min.

The line has been drawn and there is no going back. Between the old world and the new world that you must now navigate is only a small step, once you know the rules.

Ahh, but there you have it! There are no rules, for you have not been here before. There is nothing to tell you what to do. How to behave. No signs to follow. But wait, you have seen the signs. For here you are following a new path. A new way of being, seeing, creating and developing. For some time you have known that you were born different, to make a difference. To standout, not fit in. What are you waiting for? A bigger nudge? A bigger push? Into the unknown we ALL go.

No matter that you decide to do things differently. No matter that you decide radical change is the answer. No matter that your priorities have changed. You want to embrace your wellbeing and then champion others to do the same.

To spend time in nature, in water, in play. In silence and retreat. To speak only when you have something of importance, of significance to say. To slow down, to stop, to be still and to listen. Listen to the wind through the trees, the trickle of the stream as it winds its way down to the river and into the sea.

Here there are new ideas created, new plans emerge, a renewed energy. A sense of belonging, of purpose, of people over profit, of taking care of the planet.

An encyclopedic knowledge is held in nature as she now invites you to take part. Take part in the joy, the dance in the rain, the throwing of leaves into the air. The dangling of your feet into the river. You think you are no longer a child, but everyone needs to play. It got so serious that you have forgotten how.

Suddenly you are free, free from routine, free from four walls. You are on holiday? No, you are forging a new relationship with your purpose, with you team, business, community, friends, parents and loved ones. An escape from the doom and gloom, a distraction. A new wander of the wonders of Mother Earth and all that she provides.

A new perspective, a new challenge. To stay grounded, to feel earth daily, to step into her arms daily. To give back to her daily.

To surrender your deepest fears, desires and stress, so that you float back down to a reality, which is now serene, peaceful and balanced. Now you are so much more productive and you are achieving more. You spread a blanket of success, without stress, over everyone.

You have stripped away the complexity of the modern world where structure became order, which became chaos, which now collapses into dust.

Freedom is what people crave, freedom from societal constraints, from material possessions, from the right way to do things, which always seems to turn out wrong. A simpler way of being creates space for dreams, for purpose, for stability that comes from knowing that you have everything you need. Right here, right now.

What is the order of your life and leadership showing you, telling you?

Where have you lost your spark, your passion, your ability to sense, with all of your senses?

Where is there no colour, no light, no laughter, no joy?

Deconstruct the order, in order to create a peaceful existence where the heart will reveal what the head has tried to hide.

You are tired, you are exhausted, you need to change and bring about change for others. Rest, recuperate, recharge and then uplift others with your new vision. A new platform of wellbeing, which is multidimensional is now available to you. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Start to breathe it, start to believe it and you will see it and be it.

All channeled messages from my guides are published without alteration and are delivered as messages that you have been requested to hear. Their directness is intentional. Be aware of transformation, insight and direct action taken as a result!

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