Take the Plunge
Nov 3, 2021

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Be ready for the rapid change.

When you can hear the voice of yourself wanting to take an action, but you choose a different path. It diminishes the self, keeps you safe and small.

When you feel your intuition kick in, listen with all your body. mind and soul.

For you are being asked to choose the path of knowing. Trust, faith and belief that whatever you do, everything will unfold exactly as it needs to.

Even when you cannot see the future, you see clearly the action and the next step. The next step up the mountain and this step shows others the way.

This is a time of unprecedented change and you must learn to adapt. You must not be afraid when things change as they will change rapidly now.

You must embrace the change, go with the change and take others with you.

For a time you may stand alone, wondering if you have done the right thing. There are those that will be not understand you, may talk behind your back and try and gain opposition against you.

Guess what, those who have stood alone in history. knew what they were doing. They were guided, they were supported and they created the biggest change. And they were remembered for standing up when no-one else wanted to. They knew the way, they had been show the way and nothing was going to stand in their way.

At the moment it could be them and us. You want a different way of doing things, you can SEE what needs to change and others will raise an army to keep things the same. It is humans and humans, only some will SEE differently. That’s ok, keep your stance and wave your flag until you think it’s too much.

When you look around, you will realise that your followers have started to gather and you are not alone anymore.
All channeled messages from my guides are published without alteration and are delivered as messages that you have been requested to hear. Their directness is intentional. Be aware of transformation, insight and direct action taken as a result!

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Afsheen Shah
Sep 22, 2022

Yes, listening to your intuition is so important.

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$77 USD
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  • **Hi im Astar Elisa Ive been high preistess for 20 years and in buisness over 12
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Im a Medium for the Alien Gods and Kings an Queens somtime. I was gaven a halo of light and became light worker aginst devils demons for some time. Ive helped a lot of ex satanist as Lucifers father helped me against hes son the evil one has evil rains on animal planet the beings of light also put their star children here to help us! May i help you as they help me!

Please and Tank You!

Have a magical day and night! God Bless!


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  • Source alignment
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  • 5D Consciousness Integration
    Master your polarity, heal and integrate the multidimensional aspects of your soul, accessing your 5D Consciousness and abilities.

  • New Earth Mission
    Activate your unique codes and soul blueprint, master your energetic signature and align with your New Earth and Starseed mission.

Alex Buta
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Serenity healing sessions

Grant me the serenity
To accept the thing I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

There are many things happening right now that we can not change and many things that we can

Drawing on the power of each clients higher self these sessions are a combination of talking therapy and energy healing to bring peace and serenity into the clients heart, mind and soul.

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