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Natal Astrology Consultation - Online Video Call

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$70 USD

Book a consultation to discover the benefits of a Natal Chart reading. This session offers an introductory insight into Natal Chart Astrology as an alternative solution to the questions you have about yourself. Giving you an insight into your inner self and the relationship with your environment, an interpretation of the leading life themes and challenges, understanding potential possibilities, personal development and spiritual perception.

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Clarissa is a qualified Psychological Astrologer, gaining her formal Astrology education at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA). Clarissa is also a qualified Beauty Therapist with over 20 years experience in the Beauty. She is also her numerous skill under her belt as a Digital Designer, Content Creator, Marketing Strategist, and Creator of Her Luxury Wellness Website.

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Natal Astrology
Clarissa Jordan
Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Love Analysis

Hello Lovelies, let's be inspired by love by exploring the connection between Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Love synastry, an astrological relationship analysis. Thank you so much for the opportunity to connect with you in this way and for your support; it is very appreciated.

Natal Astrology
Clarissa Jordan
Mercury Retrograde In Libra 2021 | Karmic Connections, Conflict & Compromises

The Mercury Retrograde in Libra gives us the time to reflect in that space that is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. It is the best time to go back and renew the whispers of promises in the things we said we were going to do, in the love we said we were going to have for each other, in the lessons we were going to learn together, in the vowels we said we made to each other, in the ties we said we were going to bond. In the relationship we said we were going to mend. This is a time to make sure we do it. The reviewing of life shows that there is a power in reflection, renewal and reconciliation.

Libra is the season of change. This reflects into the things that can no longer grow in order to give way to new life and bring a new sense of nature's harmony. Demonstrating there are always two sides to every eventuality when anything is created, a duality of intention. Both represent the belief in what is created. There is nothing stronger than a belief that opposes our own, to make our point of view stronger in its stance. It can feel hard; however, it is also fantastic as it is the process that we go through to have progressive thoughts always. Having to adapt to the contrasts in our beliefs, validating our beliefs, evolving our beliefs, this all creates new ideas to further forward, just like Autumn to Winter to Spring.

Love always


Clarissa Jordan
Gemini And A Guide To Mercury Retrograde


Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac where there is a focus on communication, thought, speed and connectivity, and finding solutions through mentally stimulating processes.
In Astrology, the Sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, ruler of the 3rd house. The 3rd house represents short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family. Planets found in this house show the way in which we communicate with others and our ability to interpret our thoughts.

Symbolised by the twins creates a connection to the changeability of Gemini. An ability to divert their energy into multiple situations, a mindset that needs continual stimulation. The Gemini zodiac sign signifies self-awareness and a nature of duality, which focuses on gathering and sharing information.


In medical astrology, Gemini governs breathing, the lungs, the upper limbs, and the senses connected to sight and hearing. Gemini can have an overactive brain which can lead to insomnia. There can also be disassociation of emotions, creating a risk of logically processing situations without the process of how things feel. Gemini placements in a chart can show afflictions such as coughs, lung issues, arm issues such as cramps, twitching and trapped nerves, even more significant nerve issues such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.


Gemini love stimulation of the mind; Gemini is attracted to love that is impulsive and adventurous. Geminis are intellectual and excellent communicators, yet they are still light-hearted enough to have fun no matter what they are talking about.

People born under the Gemini sign are eager to learn about almost anything, making them superior listeners and conversationalists. Gemini tends to make friends easily, and friendships are also the basis for their romantic relationships. Their flirting skills are excellent.

Gemini in relationships like intense verbal sparring to be followed quickly by intense reconciliation. To keep the flames alive in relationships, Gemini is known to spice things up with their changeability to keep their partner interested. Furthermore, they hate playing games where they cannot have the final say. They love to be with a partner who is open to adventures and even life changes, as they support imagination and creativity.

Gemini are excellent entertainers and can naturally connect with their children to form lasting bonds. As parents, Gemini may prefer to let their partner be the disciplinarian while they remain the cool and fun parent.


Three times a year, the planet Mercury in its journey around the Sun, appears to be pulled back through its own orbit to transit over the space it has already travelled; this is known in Astrology as the Mercury Retrograde. No one knows why this happens; however, it is quite interesting to acknowledge as it can imply that there may be a reason why. Examining the concept of review and reflection, the Mercury Retrograde motion can make us focus on what we have to revisit, especially in terms of communication.


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As Mercury relates to our communication, during the Mercury retrograde, it also creates a caution over words, especially in agreements. As we communicate with words, each sound makes an energetic expression, which carries with it our emotional intent. In Astrology, Mercury is considered the messenger between the subconscious and conscious with associations of being the Trickster, the master of games. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and our planet of information, communication and anything that is considered fast-moving, has a relationship between the head and mouth connection that feels free, so our communication can become problematic in a Mercury Retrograde. Previous conversations that are emotionally triggering can resurface.


The Pre-Shadow is the energetic preparation made towards Mercury’s turning points in the Retrograde cycle, creating for us an awareness of the effects to its most definitive feelings. The Post-Shadow, in turn, is the energetic preparation made in the outward journey, creating a sense of forwarding momentum with a gained awareness brought into our consciousness from the Mercury retrograde period.


Yes. As a planet, busy Mercury moves the fastest around the Sun, travelling at such speed that it can take 88 days to orbit the Sun. During its transit around the Sun, it enters a retrograde phase, occurring three times a year; during this phase, from our perspective, Mercury creates the illusion of changing its motion into reverse rotation.


Those born in the retrograde period are less affected by the energies presented in the Mercury Retrograde cycles. These are the people that may always have an inner sense of reviewing life, often naturally looking over the work of others, experiencing a concentration of life events that can feel like constant evaluation. For everybody else, there is a sense of being pulled back to issues that need a reorganisation of order, reviewing, or reestablishing of past situations that require effort to an end.


The Mercury retrograde places caution over these agreements, even if signed and secured; for some reason, agreements made during this time may face a level of inconstancy. At this time, the energy created within a contractual agreement is conceived in a period of energetic reflection, which could create a need to go through a reassessment experienced later. We have to consider that every type of relationship is also a spiritual agreement, and our emotions make unspoken connections.

During the Mercury retrograde, there is usually an attachment to unresolved personal karmic issues, which creates a relationship of reflective consideration. When we get into an agreement, we all believe we are ready to say yes; however, there is a sense of reversal during the retrograde time. This means a yes can have an unconscious connection to an unexplored experience or feeling that may require revisiting.

In Astrology, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Gemini reflects the energy connected to those we are closest to, such as our siblings, family, friends and neighbours. Within these relationships, discussions can be very contemplative of the emotions held deep in the heart.


Relating to the Mercury Retrograde, which happens three times a year, each one of the cycles gives us the time to reflect in that space and just like the cycle, it does not try to stay in that space; it is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. It is the best time to go back and renew the whispers of promises in the things we said we were going to do, in the love we said we were going to have for each other, in the lessons we were going to learn together, in the vowels we said we made to each other, in the ties we said we were going to bond. In the relationship we said we were going to mend. This is a time to make sure we do it. The reviewing of life shows that there is a power in reflection, renewal and reconciliation.

Clarissa Jordan
What Is the North Node In Astrology?

The North node can be considered the calling of the soul. The meaning of the soul and how we interpret the concept of the soul is that it creates an intention within our human experience. And although we may sometimes dispute the concept of destiny or fate, we cannot deny that there are examples of purpose on earth.

What Is The Concept Of The Soul?

The meaning of the soul and how we interpret the concept of the soul is that it creates an intention within our human experience. It is easily seen throughout nature. Everything that lives operates in the function of its own rules, its signature, which in turn, operates in a larger pattern of synchronicity. Knowing that it is bound by intention, specifically to create and co-create, and as human beings we innately understand that we have a connection to nature on earth.

When we extend this thought process to the cosmos, it creates an insight that expands on the concept of intention of the larger spaces that are beyond us instead of around us and with us. Asking us to question whether the cosmos has just as much of an impact on us as we do on the earth, and if so to what extent is regarded as destiny, fate or intention? In the book Astrology of Fate by Liz Greene, she writes of the Ancient Greek Poet Hesiod, who believed nature is anything but careless of right and wrong. Meaning that nature does not consider the concept of good or bad as we know it, it is only being. The natural rules in which we live by and what Liz Green refers to as, fate, is the Guardian of (natural) justice and law rather than life being the random predetermined force that dictates a man's every action. This guardian has set the boundaries of order within which man must live, because man is part of nature. Leading us to understand that fate, intention and creation are all of nature.

The Theory Behind the Nodes

To understand the concept of the North node and South node, and any part of our birth chart, we have to consider that everything in life is continuously developing itself in relationships of polarity, opposites, combination and self awareness. This is the presence of with and without, give and take, shadow and light, highlighting the importance of balance and the effort needed to maintain balance while using what we have learnt out of maintaining balance to then drive us forward.

We can then look at the relationship of balance between the North node and the South node. Where the South node is what we can consider as part of our conditioning, what we have always known, before we even knew ourselves.The North node is where the soul wants to take us in this life, what we must discover, showing how we can discover and our ability to discover.

Clarissa Jordan
Everything You Need To Know About Taurus

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and the first of the earth signs, symbolised by the bull. Taurus energy has contemplative energy that focuses on sensuality, beauty, food, appreciation for the comforts of things around them and value. Taurus is a feminine sign and ruled by Venus.
What Are Taurus Traits?
The Taurus sign is patient and confident in their abilities, resistant to sudden changes. They choose to not rush decisions as the long term plan creates value, experience and success. As an earth sign, Taurus is moderate and appreciates what makes them feel good. Value is an essential focus for Taurus; value could mean a home with textural and sensory comforts, a delicious platter including all their favourite dishes, or even to spend their hard-earned money on what they consider as quality. In health, Taurus rules the ears, throat, lower jaw, neck and spine.
What are Taurus dates?
20th April - 20th May
Taurus Traits in Relationships
The earth sign Taurus is a sign of loyalty, comfort and persistence. At the beginning of a relationship, Taurus zodiac sign carefully considers whether a potential partner is worthy of their affections. When they want to be, Taureans love can be very romantic and will trust their partner to a point, gradually ensuring they can build a life together. Taurus likes to be pampered with affection, attention, admiration and will defend their relationship with every might they have.
What Is The Taurus Planetary Rulership?
Venus is the co-ruler of Taurus and Libra; this is when we can see how the two zodiac signs represent their ruling planet. When Venus refers to the Libra zodiac sign, it relates to our relationship with the concepts of beauty, balance, justice and judgement. Justice, judgement and balance are the words we use to reflect what is in nature, the karmic intention of the energies created. The journey towards balanced, loving and harmonious relationships within our lives.
When Venus refers to the Taurus zodiac sign, it relates to our relationship with the concepts of the material world through value, sensuality, an appreciation for the things we can see, feel, taste, and touch. These concepts are gained from a slow and concentrated process through life, experiences that will never be forgotten. Taurus encourages us to know our own desires, what we want in life and what we do not.
Venus is known as the lesser benefic, meaning that Venus has a positive influence. Venus is the planet of sweetness, love and uniting peace. In astrology, Venus is associated with beauty, and her effect on a natal chart shows beauty in a person’s life and appearance. Venus creates an appreciation for true beauty, seen in our relationships and interactions with others.
In Astrology, when Venus moves through the zodiac signs, she creates a harmonising and balancing effect, bringing peace and luck to our inner drive, helping us make our decisions.

Clarissa Jordan
What Is A Birth Chart?

Part of our nature is to explore the internal dialogue and question our emotional space, the dynamics of our relationships and the pursuit of our vocation. We always aim to gain a deeper personal perspective, understand more about the meaning of life, how to inspire, how to connect, and ultimately how to experience.

When people say they do not believe in Zodiac signs, I completely understand. I never understood the depth of Astrology either; however, there were still questions that floated in my mind relating to our perception of life. Why do we have dreams at night? Why are some people psychic? And why are some people empathic? Why do we follow a calendar? What is the purpose of time? Why does the Sun (our ego) and the Moon (our emotions) have a distinct relationship? Are they attuned to each other, and we attuned to them? Why does the Sun compel us to wake up every day? Why does the Moon affect our oceans? What does this mean when we are made up of 60% water? I would ask myself, why did ancient civilisations ground their beliefs in what they believed to be in the sky? Crazy right? I realised the real question was, what is belief? All these questions may never have one solid answer, so I try to grow my understanding of life. When beliefs are based on philosophies so old, they can be seen as mysticism. Astrology is just another way to connect with ourselves enough to be able to find knowledge about our conscious and unconscious conditioning. Helping to understand the reliance on our beliefs, habits, patterns, behaviour, projections, reflections, and relationships with others. So welcome to the age of Aquarius, the ruler of Astrology; let’s delve in.

Are Birth Charts Accurate?

A birth chart creates another interpretation into the language of the soul and our human experience. Psychological Astrology is a deeper analysis of our connection to the energies around us and their influences. Indeed, there are indicators in a person’s birth chart that can suggest desires, and situations they experience, and why. Many interpretations answer how a person is connected to life by exploring astrological birth charts, they highlight how individual and how similar we are in our beliefs.

Astrology In Ancient Civilisation

What was viewed as the science of the heavens has become mysticism. As we ironically use new technologies to discover more about ancient civilisations, we have better insight into the knowledge they had regarding the patterns in the spaces around us. These patterns were regarded as synchronisation and cycles, polarities and attraction, an understanding that one thing has a relationship with another.

This deeper knowledge has never really left our consciousness altogether, as we understand there is a connection to the relationship of patterns. It exists in the smallest elements of our lives, even on a cellular level, through the processes within microbiology.

What Do The Planets Symbolise?

The Sun (☉ ☼) is represented as a shield with a circle inside and the ruler of Gold. In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of Leo.

Mercury (☿) is represented as the head and winged cap of Mercury and the ruler of the liquid metal Mercury (or quicksilver). In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

Venus (♀) is represented as the Goddess mirror, the symbol of femininity and the ruler of Copper. In astrology, Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra.

Earth (⨁ ♁) is represented as a globe divided into four quarters. One line straight represents the equator, and the other represents the median between east and west. Also representing the four sacred elements in life (Water, Fire, Earth and Air) and the four spirits of direction (North, South, East and West), portrayed in many ancient cultures. In astrology, the Earth represents us as human beings, the environment around us, and our relationship with our conscious perspective.

Moon (☾) is represented as a crescent, the first quarter of the lunar phase, identified by the shape we see in the sky at night and the ruler of Silver. In astrology, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer.

Mars (♂♂️) is represented as the shield and the spear and the ruler of Iron. In astrology, Mars is the ruler of Aries and old the ruler of Scorpio.

Jupiter (♃) is represented as a hieroglyphic symbol of the eagle or Jove’s bird. The eagle is considered Jupiter’s primary sacred animal as it has superiority over other birds. Jove is another name for Jupiter, observed as the King of Gods in ancient mythologies and the ruler of Tin. In astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and old the ruler of Pisces.

Saturn (♄) is represented as an ancient scythe (a short-handed tool with a large curved blade) or sickle (a long-handed tool with a large longward blade) and the ruler of Lead. In astrology, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and old the ruler of Aquarius.

Uranus (⛢ ♅ ) is represented by a symbol the combines the Sun and the spear of Mars. Uranus is the ruler of Zinc, and in astrology, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Neptune (♆) is represented as the trident of Neptune, observed as the God of waters in ancient mythologies, and the subconscious mind, and the ruler of Cobalt. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Pluto is represented as a combination the circle (spirit) over the crescent (spiritual receptiveness) and the cross (matter), placing an emphasis on spiritual depth and relationship with above the physical world. In astrology, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

What Can Astrology Offer A Solution In Relationship Advice?

The knowledge discovered about love through relationship astrology can help exercise how to value a person’s concept regarding love and marriage. Using Astrology as resource tools, connections can link understanding to aspects of ourselves and the type of love we can attract, the activities in love pursuits, and our ideas of success in love and partnerships.

What Are The 12 Houses In A Birth Chart?

1st House - Identity, physical presence, interaction with our environment.

2nd House - Money, value and self-worth.

3rd House - Short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family.

4th House - Our home, our sense of stability, our Mother and our Mothers karma, our relationship emotional intuitiveness.

5th House - Creativity, joy and children.

6th House - Work-life, habits and health.

7th House - Our belief and reflections in relationships.

8th House - The things we gain and the things we lose in life through our karma and the karma of others, our relationship with the things we cannot see, our psychic abilities.

9th House - Our beliefs, education, spiritual and long-distance travel, where we gain enlightenment.

10th House - Our status, our career, our physical structures and our relationship with our Father.

11th House - Our relationship with friends and peers, our cause in society.

12th House - Our heightened mind and psychic abilities, our subconscious structures, hidden fears, hidden memories, and generational karma.

In each area of life, we can examine our process of change, how we feel connected to intuitiveness, higher-mind abilities, and highlight anxieties regarding things that have not been verbally spoken about.

Can Astrology Help A Person Sex Life?

You can gain more understanding of sexual desires and our connection to sex. For example, a person’s birth chart can show their demeanour to have a contrasting perspective on their belief about sex. For instance, a Sun in Virgo Zodiac person may have methodical, reserved or even shy tendencies; however, with a Sagittarius 8th House, they may regard sex as a fun and adventurous activity with their partner, desiring heightening sexual experiences. Whereas, a Scorpio 8th House, they will go into a space of intimacy that no other sign will go, taking their partner to deeper depths.

Our astrological aspects can also indicate the energy that flows through a person’s sexual drive; for instance, a square between a person’s Mars to their Venus can show as reflection, a challenging dynamic in a relationship with a partner, creating reactive triggers. A man with his Venus in the Gemini sign may require communicative stimulation to keep his interest, creating a space that needs options. Whereas a man with his Venus in the Libra sign can be very charming and will aim to create beautiful moments in a relationship, always creating the level of dedication needed in their partnership to maintain the balance. Then place the energy of Pluto with Venus, and it makes a deepening of emotional exploration related to desires, where in extreme can create obsessive relationships. Some want sex with personality. Others will prefer sex with practicality. Some like the idea of a relationship reflecting the ideals from their parents; others would prefer two of a kind. Some want sex that invigorates their beauty and health, whereas others wish to have sexual experiences where they feel like students of life and sex leads them to sexual transcendence.

Can Astrology Tell Me If I love Sex More Than Most?

In some cases, the feeling that suggests having a higher sexual need in bedroom activities can also speak to something unrelated to sex, relating instead to the sense of power, desire, or even control.

Clarissa Jordan
Aries - Everything Else You Need To Know

Aries Traits And Everything Else You Need To Know

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and leads us into a new astrological year, and with the Aries “I am” approach to life, there is the youthful energy of Spring. Aries that does not want to be bound by structure, with their only rule being to feel passion, express freewill and show the art of decisiveness. Let’s explore further.

The Personality of an Aries, Explained

Aries has a conscious and unconscious relationship with love, drive, and passion embodied in their pursuits, creating the will behind the actions they consider important. Aries understand the importance of reaction. They always feel they are called to energetically serve their needs, whether gaining more understanding within the search of knowledge or defending what they believe is their truth. Aries understand that our heart may feel one way; however, the drive that stirs within our desires can feel another. They may not feel the same, and in an instance, they can decide which will lead. Mars, the ruling planet for Aries, is known as the red planet. Even the colour red associated with Mars often signifies heat and passion fuel emotions, all in their opposing extremes. Love, passion, desire can become strength, power, danger and war. The colour red enhances our metabolism, increasing our respiration rate, raising our blood pressure. Mars, who was observed as the God of war in ancient mythology, would practice a power mindset, rejecting anything regarded as weak. The entity goes into the battle with no mind on anything other than having the upper hand and winning. In another sense, Mars can be regarded as an influential and powerful strategic military leader, skilled in the art of war, having the ultimate plan to defeat the enemy.

How To Attract An Aries

For Aries, there is an importance of having those who are like-minded around them. They like it when those around them create definitive plans, and in those plans, their voice must be heard. Aries love a relationship where their energy is highly appreciated, where there is room for their assertiveness and expression, and where the air is filled with a sense of purpose. They would like a renewal of heat in love where there is a discovery of new concepts of love, adding to their outlook for following their heart’s desire.

Clarissa Jordan
How Does The Moon Affect The Body?

How Does The Moon Affect The Body?

In Ancient civilisations, the Moon and the Moon’s phases had a deep connection to our body, health and our relationship with nature, connections we still consider now. The effects of the Moon on the body, both physical and mental health, can be experienced through the lunar phases, with modern research finding scientific evidence to support this. The following studies support a biological connection to the Moon:

In 2008, The Royal Liverpool University Hospital urological admissions were affected by lunar phases. The research found emergency urological admissions to be higher on full moon days. In contrast, the new Moon had a calming effect.

How The Moon Affects Humans – A History

In Ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy, the concept of duality, characterised as the yin and yang principle, observes the relationship we have with our opposites. In this relationship of polarities, the contrary forces are interconnected, interdependent, and needing each other to strengthen the power that exists within them.

In Astrology, the Moon is Yin, and the Sun is Yang. The Sun radiates heat and light, linking to the projection of our outward personality, how we shine, all that we show of ourselves to others, our vital force. The glow we see of the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, representing our inner personality and emotions. The Moon’s reflection of the Sun links our vital force to how we feel within our private and intimate thoughts and feelings. Our inner emotion has a relationship with expression and is projected, radiating through our vital force into our external environment. When our vital force has a quieter or darker expression, it can indicate a disconnection or a negative influence within our emotions. It is believed the Moon affects how we respond to all sorts of changes in life and on the body at a physiological level.

The Moon & Our Body

In Astrology, the following symptoms have an associated with the Moon sign in a person’s birth chart;

Moon in Aries

\* Dry mucous membrane

\* Dry skin

\* Itchy skin scalp

\* Sore throat and dry cough

\* Headaches

\* Insomnia

\* Lack of periods

\* Fertility issues

\* Muscular spasms

Moon In Taurus

\* Weight gain due to emotional comfort

\* Addictive eating

\* Ears, nose and throat issues

Moon In Gemini

\* Anxiety

\* Nervousness

\* Musculoskeletal Weakness in shoulders

\* Diarrhoea issues such as IBS

Moon In cancer

\* A nervous stomach

\* They can become ill as an emotional response to their external environment, such as stress or seasonal changes.

\* Allergies

\* Fibroids

\* Breast discomfort during PMS

Moon in Leo

\* Postural issues

\* Musculoskeletal issues

\* Dry skin

\* Digestion issues

\* Fertility issues

Moon In Virgo

\* IBS

\* Nervous digestion

\* Allergies

Moon In Libra

\* Kidney problems

\* Fluid imbalance within the body

\* Dizzy spells

\* Endocrine disorders

\* Headaches

Moon In Scorpio

\* Bladder issues

\* Nasal congestion

\* Watery nose

\* Excessive sweating

\* Fibroids

\* Haemorrhoids

Moon In Sagittarius

\* Emotional instability

\* Swelling in the hips or thighs

\* Insomnia

Moon In Capricorn

\* Excessive skin dryness

\* Period problems

\* Fertility issues

\* Endometriosis

\* Inflamed joints

\* Malnutrition - poor nutrient absorption in the small intestine

\* Stiff joints

Moon In Aquarius

\* Mood swings

\* Low blood pressure

\* Fatigue

\* Fluctuating energy levels

\* Poor circulation

\* Moon in Pisces

\* Fatigue

\* Low moods

\* Heavy periods

\* Lung issues

\* Weight gain

Clarissa Jordan
Pisces - Everything You Need To Know About


Everything you need to know about Pisces

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is the sign that is truly loved, and the people who can have a hard time feeling truly understood. People with the Pisces zodiac sign can help others expand their emotional boundaries, filling the heart with a range of interpretations that can only be found in the Pisces imagination. Of course, connect with a Pisces who is in a positive headspace about themselves, and they can share with you their ability to imagine and manifest their desires, creating an internal place of wish fulfilment, a wonderland. As the zodiac chameleons, it can be hard to distinguish whether a person is a Pisces until you get to know them; they have a special gift in this regard. What is even more challenging is trying to pin them down. Let’s explore the Pisces ocean heart further.

Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune & Dates

Pisces dates are from 19th February to 20th March. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune (♆) ruler of Cobalt is represented as Neptune’s trident, observed as the God of waters in ancient mythology. Neptune is connected to the power of emotions in the subconscious mind and the effects on the higher mind consciousness.

Pisces Element: Water

In astrology, Pisces are the last sign of the water elements and have the highest water consciousness. If we consider the behaviour of water, we can start to understand the relationship Pisces has with life. Water and its vastness, depth and under the surface activity is a reflection of Pisces. If we were to take some water from the ocean and place it in a glass, it is no longer ocean water; it starts to display the behaviour of water in a glass, contained. Like a glass of water, it no longer serves its use as part of the ocean. It becomes what is needed to be, adapting to its surroundings while still maintaining an understanding and connection to its original depth. The adaptability that Pisces displays gives those in the same environment the opportunity to see the reality of their choices. When remaining in the glass for too long, the water becomes cloudy, even murky, and the only way for the water to be replenished is to return it back to its original source to go through natural cleansing.

An Oceanic Mind

In Astrology, water represents our emotions giving Pisces a gift of sensitivity and intuitiveness, the ability to see the vulnerability of others as they are connected to the spaces we can feel. This gives Pisces a knowing of what will happen next in a situation, knowing how a person could react, almost like a premonition or intuitive empathy. This also means Pisces can absorb the emotions of others, to the point they sometimes cannot distinguish whether it is their emotion or the emotion of others that they are exploring.

Pisces Positive Traits

As previously mentioned, Pisces’ emotional sensitivity helps us see the reality of the emotion-based choices we make, especially through reflection. When we look at water, we can see a version of ourselves; we are aware that it is not who we are; however, we recognise something about ourselves. This ability to reflect and absorb is why Pisces like to be in spaces where they can feel the most euphoria in their emotions, even if it means escaping reality in their own way. And in a world that is based so much on earthly expressions, this can be very often. When they return from their place of escapism or imagination, they bring an understanding that can be interpreted and used in their environment. To others, this can be seen as a manifestation, as many people can see Pisces’ ability to seemingly create things out of thin air, making them seem otherworldly or magical.

The personality of Steve Jobs is a pure example of a Pisces. The energy of his Piscean traits showed no boundaries, exploring the depth of technology that his peers may have not understood; however, his intuition led him to delve into ideas others would not.

Pisces Greatest Challenges

Their sensitivity level, a Pisces, can make their emotional expression undefinable and pull those in their field into the realm of confusion and even manipulation. Once you allow a Piscean into your emotions, they will help open up parts of who you are by dissolving the concept of boundaries, revealing our own abilities, even if we may not want to see them. A Piscean can feel burdened by the level of emotion they unintentionally carry all the time, and if not prepared to deal with a situation, they can feel as though they are the victim and find a way out. Worst yet, they can sacrifice themselves emotionally to a belief and become the martyr.

Yes, Is Pisces A Good Sign

Pisces are known to have an element of premonition; they really have an intricate sensitivity to life, allowing them to know what will happen. They are able to sense things in their environment as life to them feels recycled, a feeling of living life again. Their relationship with emotion intuitiveness is different from Scorpio, who has the ability to reveal the truth in a situation and let you deal with it. Scorpio intention is not to hurt; it is to simply reveal the purity in the unspoken knowing, showing the karma of the emotion and the decisions we make. On the other hand, Pisces want to explore the vastness of emotions, when better understood, can be healed. Once the range of emotions is experienced, there is a transformation into reality seen as solutions or manifestation.

Pisces: The Fish

Pisces is symbolised by a pair of fishes, two paths, where one fish has to experience the ocean with space to feel their environment, explore the depths, and seek new concepts. The other fish lives the aquarium life or even as a goldfish, surrounded by the comfort of their knowing. They know certain things are always available in that environment, a routine, the safest mode of survival and support. However, they still remember that they are also the fish in the ocean, and the spirit of who they are cannot be contained. Nothing else can fulfil their need for exploration other than exploring what is outside of themselves and out of their current reach. Of course, Pisceans can find a way to feel free to explore in their containing environment. Some Pisces love to feel contained, as they have found a way to feel the freedom to explore through their thoughts and emotions. As long as they have access to the highest level of where they feel life can take them, they are happy to set an internal timer while thinking about where to go next.

How To Attract Pisces

The concept of freedom and security is also how Pisces feel about their romantic relationships, with an emphasis on romance. Their partner’s behaviour should make them feel secure, comfortable and safe while allowing space for creative and emotional freedom. Pisces are a mutable sign; the qualities they seek in a partner can change just as they do. When Pisces is still on the path of exploration, they can change what they want in a partner from year to year; what they wanted one year could be the complete opposite the following year, after a full emotional exploration of the previous partner. The foundation they seek with a partner is made of dedication, flexibility and groundedness. Someone who falls in love with the new concepts they always tap into and believes love is just as expansive as they see it to be. Even if Pisces do not love the idea of love due to their life experiences, they recognise what sensitivity means. They enjoy sensation, touch, taste, feeling, a hug, a massage, sleeping, comfort food, alcohol, and extracurricular activities that make them feel the way they want.

Negative Pisces Traits

When they choose to, Pisces can be the escape artists; they can easily escape any situation due to their intuitive knowing. To others, it can be seen as luck, the ability to divert from any situation with ease or eliminate the weight that it poised on their shoulders. Even if a situation is negative, they have to feel it for all for what is it; this is when they can stay in the feeling too long. Just like a fish in murky waters, leading them into states of depression mixed with the euphoria of the unknowing. Leaving them only one way to escape, through the emotions of the mind. Depending on the direction they want to go, it could be into higher consciousness or in the realm of the subconscious, the deep ocean, our 70% of the unexplored. Another direction is the ability to go back and forth into higher consciousness and subconsciousness at any given time to reach the highest version of themselves. With all this explanation about Pisces, they may still feel as though they are the only ones that can truly understand their meaning.

Ruling House: Twelfth

In an astrological birth chart, a person with their Sun in the 12th house has their Sun in Neptune and Pisces territory. They may work hard in the unseen spaces of the 12th house, exploring mental and emotional capacities intertwined with ethereal thinking and their relationship with the subconscious and unconscious. A person with the Sun in the 12th house space could be an extrovert in their personal environment; however, seen as an introvert in their external environment. The 12th represents the space where our deep thoughts rest, where the fears of the mind lie and where our concepts of security reside. The energy of the 12th house planetary placements is hidden to the outside world, even to themselves, until they journey to uncover the hidden parts of who they are. It could be their hidden talents, their hidden voice, their family or partner secrets, even hidden understanding of life. The 12th house is so expansive, it could mean ancestral connections, intuitive gifts and boundless thinking.

Regarding the concepts of security, it could also mean emotional containment that can manifest as actual containment in reality, such as isolation, intuitions and prison. The 12th house space aims to create a focus on the relationship between expansion and limitation, the knowledge gained from our emotions, environment, or the lives lived before us.

Collective Neptune Transits To Consider

Neptune is currently in Pisces until Sunday 25th January 2026.

2021 Neptune Trine Neptune - Reflections and manifestations of our inner self.

2021 Neptune Square Mercury - Cunning and clever communication.

2023 Neptune Square Lilith - The unapologetic gracefulness of her rebellion.

2023 Neptune Trine Moon - Heighten intuition and tapping into spiritual gifts.

2024 Uranus Opposition Neptune - Unexpected spiritual awakenings and transformations.

2025 Saturn Trine Neptune - Spiritual Grounding, ideas of imagination transformed into reality.

2026 Jupiter Trine Neptune - Expressing the spiritual beliefs and intuitive approaches.

Clarissa Jordan
How Attract An Aquarius

Love and Relationships for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians want to share a beautiful companionship that is wrapped in the joy of being friends. A partnership where interactions result in lovers of the mind. They would be stimulated by style traits that show individuality while viewing their life as partners on the same page, reading the book called, The potential of everything. Aquarians look at qualities that last, a partner who shows strength in their role, a flexibility for change in any situation, action combined with the state of relevance, and where caring for humanity is not just a demeanour, it is a pleasure.

Positives of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

They are unlike other star signs, the natural leaders are also naturally rebellious. The lover and friends of Aquarius star sign will know they would choose the direction others would chose not to take, Aquarians have already thought about the outcome of each direction and have a preference. The power of Aquarius zodiac signs is that people cannot access their thoughts unless they allow them. Aquarians are masters of the mental stimulations and enjoy using their energy to spend time within their thoughts, this is where the possibility of true freedom lives.

Negatives of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The archetype of the Water-Bearer makes a point to be confusing by alluding that it may be based in emotion when the true gift of the Aquarius sign is what lies in the nourishment of thought when poured onto a quenching mind. By adding substance in way that may have never been recognised until that first drop. Just like new discoveries gifted to the world, once consumed can never be withdrawn from a group, only improved upon.

How To Attract An Aquarius

1. Be unique! Aquarius represents our ability to express our identity and our interaction with others. By showing the passion that lies in thought and is expressed through movement and personality, this is the first step to attract an Aquarius.

2. The second step to attract an Aquarius is stimulation of thought with depth and knowledge, they do not mind if emotion leads to logic as this is how they process their emotions. The third step is to show them who you are, including flaws as they understand the imperfection everyone more intricately than others.

3. Be proud of your independence. A Carl Jung concept that can explain the Aquarians consciousness is understanding our need for Individuation within our collective which leads to the pursuit of Freewill. Aquarians enjoy the qualities of an intellectual partner who is consistent in their efforts of their pursuits, they appreciate hard work and if they can see the value in the change created they will join in with their own qualities.

4. Enjoy their Aquarius quirks, there will be something that is different about them, whether it is on display or hidden, either way, it will be expressed.

How to Get Along With An Aquarius

Become best friends with an Aquarius driven by the stimulation of a connection through emotional intelligence and thought. They would love a friendship that lifts the veil on the consciously repressed behaviour within us all and the unconscious effects of our belief, habits, patterns and behaviour, reactions to others or projections, reflections and even karmic relationships, people have to work through in this life. When people become conscious of they are able to create effective solutions that can improve the quality of life and success in the future. This is the Aquarius ultimate goal, especially in a companionship.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality

Aquarians believe in the purity of our collective truth; it is what gives meaning to the things that cannot see but inherently feel. When approached with logic it can strengthen their drive, and be the Commander of our will. Touching their heart with passion and purpose, to know that people are connected to something more than our earthy human experience.

What Is The Ruling Planet Of Aquarius?

In Astrology, Uranus is the ruling planet of the Aquarius zodiac sign, and as an energy in our lives, it represents the unbinding of old structures, beliefs and actions, highlighting how the concept of power is reflected in our lives. Spending 7 years in each star sign, it is generational, together people explore it effects through the filters of our belief. In mythology, it represents the story of a rebellious drive to the future through strategy and action, where the intention is to grow and create generations.

Saturn (♄) ruler of Lead, is represented as an ancient scythe (a short-handed tool with a large curved blade) or sickle (a long-handed tool with a large longward blade). In astrology, the Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and old the ruler of Aquarius.

Uranus (⛢ ♅ ) ruler of Zinc, is represented by a symbol combination of the Sun and the spear of Mars. In astrology, the Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

What Does Uranus Mean In A Birth Chart?

Being the ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus represents liberation and transformation, new perspectives that link to a Uranian outlook for possibilites through innovation, technology, and a responsibility to the collective. Exploring where the planet of Uranus and the Aquarius star is place in our birth chart can shows where people are enlightened by innovation and intuitive, and where people desire freedom from the beliefs of a previous opposing mindset, the desire of freedom from conscious and unconscious cycles. It highlights our breakthroughs through a reactive process of breakdowns, collectively and individually. As our inspiration for awakening in ourselves and others, it can urge unexpected change created to help shift our mindset and give attention to an issue in that very moment. Showing us how ego-led routines interact with our identity through reflection and projection, in some cases creating an unconscious chokehold on principles that want to grow. Also reflective of the Aquarius sign, the planet also represents the liberation and transformation, new perspectives that link to a Uranian outlook for the future possibly through innovation, technology, and a responsibility to the collective.

What Can Astrology Offer A Solution In Relationship Advice?

The knowledge discovered about love through astrology can help exercise how to value the individual concept a person has about love and marriage. Through the exploration of your birth chart, you can discover the link between the aspects of yourself that attract love interests, the activities in love pursuits, and your ideas of success in love and in a partnership. Further understanding to develop positive connections to our perception of love, aligning with the intention of creating a beautiful love life.

Thank you for reading

Love always

Clarissa K

Clarissa Jordan
Aquarius and the Collective shift

Aquarius & The Collective Shift

From the 17th of December 2020 (until 7th March 2023), we started to feel a fundamental shift in our collective movement. What started as a feeling of uncertainty, and limitation regarding our plans and ideals. This was when Saturn entered the Aquarius sign. However, on an emotional level for those born in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius, it can feel like Father has come home, or the Teacher is checking their work. There is a feeling of caution over their desires, analysing the choices they have already been made, questioning their freedom and their thought process, and emphasising the reality of what their behavioural patterns have created in the now.

Aquarius - The Water Bearer Awakening

Those born in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius have entered a time of reflection, helping the air sign to analyse whether their internal fears have relevancy anymore. How is this done? By highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. The reprieve from this cautionary feeling is when Jupiter entered the Aquarius constellation on the 23rd of December 2020 (until 29th December 2021). Starting the process of awakening, an information overload surged from a desire for an answer. The feeling of caution can now have a point of direction, wisdom and knowledge of why, an internal evaluation of understanding what needs to be known and if it is not understood, then going on of journey of emotional education to find out. Ok Friends, let’s explore the Aquarians, the Thinkers element.

Why Are We Feeling A Shift In Energy?

We still have Pluto in Capricorn, where the Pluto is very powerful. It is coming to the end of its 16-year cycle, starting in 2008 (Yes, that is right, the year of our first global modern financial crash) where it spent this time changing our concept of structure and security, status and reputation, and emotional reliability on traditional institutions.

Why Does It Still Feel Like 2020?

The energy will feel lighter in nature when Pluto enters the constellation of the Aquarius zodiac sign on the 20th November 2024, where it will remains in the zodiac sign until the 1st of June 2042. That is eighteen years. This will truly feel like the beginning Age of Aquarius, the period so many have spoken about, when we navigate our emotional beliefs in Aquarian themes.

Why Was Pluto In Capricorn Necessary?

In our collective Astrology, the Capricorn zodiac sign represents our institutional concepts of structures systems and security, representing how our status relates to each other.Capricorn bases value in what can grow, what can be built and what can be achieved, whether organically through their relationship with nature or materially through their work and career.

The journey of Pluto in Capricorn zodiac sign created an environment helped us redefine the foundation of our belief in structure and security. Questioning how we recognise what makes us feel secure, what we have really achieved and whether our structures have been built on strong foundational beliefs. Pluto is what lies underneath, the things we cannot see; however, we can still sense and feel enough to motivate us into following our desires, unearthing the truth of our emotional reality, and focusing on anything that shakes. Whichever area of life Pluto moves into, it shakes the foundation on which those belief were built, allowing us to question the moveable structures so we can create stronger solutions for our world, our group and our relationships. The only issue is when we have to experience our relationship with the loss of control over the something that shook before it hit reality, highlighting our strengths and weaknesses. We then have to question the why in what shakes, why the something in structures move in such an expression. Leading some of us to become emotional thinkers, asking whether our desire has a need for change, and whether our solutions are a way of adding more control or become reflective of adaptability.

Why Is Aquarius Zodiac Sign Important For Our Collective Consciousness?

When Saturn (grounding and detail) and Jupiter (luck and wisdom) entered the zodiac sign of Aquarius in December 2020, we started to think less about our emotional belief in structure and security. As the shift continues we are introducing the element of logic to the way we feel, and asking ourselves and each other what feelings determine our environment and why. Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn and Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius moving into the constellation of Aquarius are preparing us for our 18 year journey of Pluto in Aquarius from 2024. When we recognise our emotions lead us to create our new online environment, our online society, an online civilisation. The beginning of adjustments to a system where the circumstances open up a new approaches in our actions inspired by intellect and streak of the mind genius. This and more people thinking concepts are themes highly connected to the Aquarians world of intellect, and our experience in the shifting energy is removing what is not in line with the Aquarians star sign archetype and replacing it with higher minded thought, new discoveries, investment and education, space exploration, Astrologers, new technologies, new subcultures, the liberation of hidden information, metaphysical beliefs, and the rise of the online personality, unique identities that will rise from showing their quirks and alternative thinking. All based in the worlds online network, some may consider this network to be a oneness.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality & Collective

The Aquarius zodiac sign from 20th January to 18th February. In Astrology, these are the dates the energy of the Sun moves through the star sign. In Astrology, the Zodiac signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs and represent our various concepts of thought, communicate and connections in our many types of relationships. Aquarius is the highest Air Sign and the eleventh zodiac sign, representing the People, friendship groups, our personality and our cause in society. Aquarians are most know to be comfortable in thought, exploring the article of logical, and appreciating the quality of communication. Aquarians contain within the driving force for change in society and our identity, including our social laws and justice, the truth in hidden knowledge and the discovery of new concepts. And the internet, our online network, and the highest version of a people-made technological experience in which we share our identities across the world, all manifested from thought and logic. We are already in a social media space where our emotions have become more accessible and transparent compared to the organisational structures we have physically shared.

Thank You For Reading

Love Always

Clarissa K

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