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What Is the North Node In Astrology?

Jun 7, 2021

The North node can be considered the calling of the soul. The meaning of the soul and how we interpret the concept of the soul is that it creates an intention within our human experience. And although we may sometimes dispute the concept of destiny or fate, we cannot deny that there are examples of purpose on earth.

What Is The Concept Of The Soul?

The meaning of the soul and how we interpret the concept of the soul is that it creates an intention within our human experience. It is easily seen throughout nature. Everything that lives operates in the function of its own rules, its signature, which in turn, operates in a larger pattern of synchronicity. Knowing that it is bound by intention, specifically to create and co-create, and as human beings we innately understand that we have a connection to nature on earth.

When we extend this thought process to the cosmos, it creates an insight that expands on the concept of intention of the larger spaces that are beyond us instead of around us and with us. Asking us to question whether the cosmos has just as much of an impact on us as we do on the earth, and if so to what extent is regarded as destiny, fate or intention? In the book Astrology of Fate by Liz Greene, she writes of the Ancient Greek Poet Hesiod, who believed nature is anything but careless of right and wrong. Meaning that nature does not consider the concept of good or bad as we know it, it is only being. The natural rules in which we live by and what Liz Green refers to as, fate, is the Guardian of (natural) justice and law rather than life being the random predetermined force that dictates a man's every action. This guardian has set the boundaries of order within which man must live, because man is part of nature. Leading us to understand that fate, intention and creation are all of nature.

The Theory Behind the Nodes

To understand the concept of the North node and South node, and any part of our birth chart, we have to consider that everything in life is continuously developing itself in relationships of polarity, opposites, combination and self awareness. This is the presence of with and without, give and take, shadow and light, highlighting the importance of balance and the effort needed to maintain balance while using what we have learnt out of maintaining balance to then drive us forward.

We can then look at the relationship of balance between the North node and the South node. Where the South node is what we can consider as part of our conditioning, what we have always known, before we even knew ourselves.The North node is where the soul wants to take us in this life, what we must discover, showing how we can discover and our ability to discover.

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