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Western Astrology
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Western Astrology

Western Astrology
Xyla Grey
Apr 23, 2024, 11:00
Personal Astrology Chart And Reading

What do the stars have to say for you? Are you curious to go more in depth into your personal planet placements and learn what that means for your life trajectory? Sometimes we act unconsciously, and struggle with certain issues because we do not have clarity on our true natures and the influences we were born into. I would be happy to provide an analysis about your character, the areas you are weak and or strong in, your hidden powers, and what your soul purpose is.

I need your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

An insightful and illuminating read, delving into your Western Astrology planetary placements will open up many avenues to learn and explore about yourself. I look forward to working with you!

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Western Astrology
Joëlle O'Toole
Apr 25, 2024, 15:30
Astrological Coaching and Reiki Healing Session

During a one-to-one session with me we will look at areas of your life which require healing, balance and development. Prior to the session you will be asked to send me your time, date and place of birth, along with a couple of questions you wish to focus upon.

This way I can spend some time preparing your astrological chart and look at where you are born to excel in life and areas which need a little more support and nurture.

I will also tell you what your unique soul path is and how to ‘tune in’ to this to feel more balanced, happy and fulfilled.

I specialise in healing and emotional cleansing. During a session with me you will receive reiki healing whilst we are on the video link and I will provide a 15 minute follow up distance reiki, at a time of your convenience.

After this I will send you a report with notes from our reading; tips on how to improve your health, one or two bach flower remedies which will support your growth and some manifestation / affirmation exercises to work on.

That way the knowledge, emotional healing and cleansing that you receive from me will continue on into the future.

Reiki blessings to you.

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Western Astrology
Galactic Gem
Apr 23, 2024, 09:00
Your Year Ahead Astrology Reading

Get your personal year ahead report with all important transits and the exact dates to help you make the most of the upcoming planetary energies affecting you.

Includes your annual profections, major transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions to give you a detailed guide of your potential opportune moments and challenges in the next 12 months. All broken down into easy to understand format.

Written report with free 20 mins video consultation on delivery. Approx 10-12 pages long, supplied as pdf.

Turnaround time is 10-14 days. Note: Exact birth time is required.

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Western Astrology
Astrology by Tonia
Apr 23, 2024, 14:00
Relocation Astrology - 15 Minutes Per City

relocation astrology reports where I explore how you are most likely to experience a given city or region of the world, using astrocartography and your unique natal chart. I can also make recommendations on places people should consider if they don’t have a specific place in mind, for the same rate per city.

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Western Astrology
Henrik Bisbo
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00
Copenhagen, Denmark
Personal Consultation

Do you find it hard to navigate life? Identifying potentials and challenges? Do you feel a need to know more about yourself, your present situation and, not least, what’s coming?

You are not alone with more and more people feeling just like you. We are alone in our quest to to create our own identity and to find meaning in it all. It is hard work and many of us could use a helping hand.

If you would like to know more about yourself, your present situation and, not least, your future, then a personal consultation is perhaps what you are looking for.

Is it about your romantic relationships? Your job? Buying property or moving house? Your financial situation? It is almost unlimited what a birth chart can reveal, and it is important that you have made up your mind about what it is you want or need from the consultation beforehand. By clearly defining two or three areas of focus, the consultation will be more to the point and much more meaningful.

A short résumé and the exact birth time and birth place provide for the best starting point for a fruitful dialogue. Even if the exact birth time is unavailable, it is still possible to have a rewarding consultation. It may not be as specific, but certainly still valuable.

Our future is already implicitly present in us and the birth chart can assist in revealing how it will transpire. However, your personal choices, not the horoscope, decide the actual outcome. The chart can guide you, but it can never dictate your life.

We do not concern ourselves with questions about health or death. We leave that to the health care system.

Personal consultations can be carried out face to face, or via Skype, Zoom or telephone.

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Western Astrology
Klaus Einar Blomster
Apr 24, 2024, 06:00
Astrology reading birth + transit chart and holistic spiritual guidance

I am offering a reading of your birth chart and an analysis of its relation to current transits. I will provide you with a written rapport where I identify the most important issues. We will then chat for 2 hours where we go through everything together, and I will do my best to guide you.

This is something that can give deep insight into life decisions, relationships, career, health, and more.

I’m a shamanic practitioner offering spiritual guidance in any area that you need. I have deep knowledge in shamanism, alchemy, kabbalah, hermeticism, astrology, religion, occultism, ritual magic, astral projection, lucid dreaming, Jungian psychology, psychedelics, entities & spirit guides, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Kundalini, divination in Tarot, runes and the I-Ching.

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Western Astrology
Courtney Phillips
Apr 23, 2024, 14:00
Birth Chart Astrology Reading

Who were you born to be before the world told you what you should be? Unlock your destiny with this empowering reading and let The Cosmic OWL help you discover your unique self.

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Western Astrology
Lucinda Tinsley
Apr 23, 2024, 10:00
Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Although my aim is to help you understand your Birth Chart, so that you can realize your purpose and fulfill your potential, it is equally important, if not more so, to focus on where you are now! What troubles and concerns you Now!

The main body of our session will be focused on your present situation that will address your needs, concerns, and reason for this reading. Although I do not use astrology for predictions, looking ahead at future trends will be useful for you. This is much like a weather forecast.

Every reading always involves transits. A transit occurs whenever a planet, moving through its orbit during your lifetime, forms an aspect to one of your natal planets in your Birth Chart. The transiting planet will affect your life in some way. This always corresponds to your present situation.

I will help you to understand its message, what is going on at a deeper level, and what it is trying to bring about. We then will explore together your resources and the possible approach for the best positive outcome. Even when you’re going through a difficult patch, giving you fresh insight so that you understand it, will at least, help you through it; a change of attitude can alter the outcome altogether.

You will gain greater insights into your present situation, however, it is your responsibility how you act and use this information. I can provide guidance and clarity, but by no means can I make decisions for you. This is your responsibility; you are in charge of your own life.

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Western Astrology
Henrik Bisbo
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00

Are you looking for an activity at a staff seminar, a team building event or do you just want to treat your staff to a couple of hours of entertainment and lecturing with a (very) sharp edge?

We have what you are looking for. A lecture on the oldest, most comprehensive and most tested analytical tool, which is now returning at full force rejuvenated and invigorated after many years in part obscurity.

We talk about sports, music, movies, philosophy, twins, puppies, cows, quantum mechanics and much, much more in a razor sharp and humorous demonstration of the perennial relevance of this ancient knowledge tradition. A relevance only growing in importance in our confused and confusing world where most people struggle to find meaning and coherence.

You will have a lot to think about after this lecture.

Up to 20 participants. For more, contact us for a special offer.

Families and groups of friends can also contact us for special offers.

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Western Astrology
Henrik Bisbo
Apr 24, 2024, 07:00
Team Dynamics

Is the team dysfunctional? Is there no common understanding on goal and method? Do the employees find that their competencies are not properly utilised and that they could thrive and deliver at a much higher level if they were allowed to work differently or with other things? Are the KPI’s and performance appraisal system not driving improvement as expected? Do you need to establish the perfect team for a specific task or project?

All of these questions can be adressed using the oldest and most thoroughly tested method in the world. It is by far the most effective method to identify the underlying reasons for a team not performing optimally.

But it doesn’t stop there. The method also provides solutions for what can be done to remedy the situation. And, finally, it can do something more accurately than any other method, namely assist in determining when to implement changes. The timing element is at the heart of what astrology can do for you.

Astrology is built on ancient knowledge and experience and the results are increasingly being validated by statistical research made possible by the vast and ever growing amount of data now available with the newest technology. Big Data is rapidly turning into a close ally of astrology. At the same time new techniques are constinuously being developed and we make use of the newest and most updated methods available particularly within the area of group dynamics.

We offer several services: a 3-hour workshop concerned with identifying the general dynamics of a department or a team, a 2-3 day seminar/workshop where the deeper, underlying reasons and possible solutions are in focus and also more long-term, tailor-made programmes where the focus lies on the development of the individual employees and the optimisation of a team, a department or the whole company.

Also very well suited for family groups, groups of friends, sports teams, music bands and many more.

Contact us for an offer.

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Western Astrology
Daliah Roth
Apr 23, 2024, 08:00

This consultation focuses on forecasting – i.e. looking at how the moving planets are currently influencing your life. This reading is ideal for clients that have already explored their birth chart and wish to only focus on what is currently happening in their lives and how they are being impacted by the current and upcoming planetary energies. Exploring when transits will start and when they will end, when they are strongest and when their effects ebb off, can bring relief, ease and clarity to times when we experience pressure, grief or uncertainty. Technical tools: we cover the most important current transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions up to one year ahead. This includes exploring your current and upcoming solar returns.

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Western Astrology
Ani Bernard
Apr 23, 2024, 15:00
Career astrology consultation

Not sure what major to choose in university? Contemplating a change of career? Consult your natal chart for your best prospects.

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Western Astrology
Ani Bernard
Apr 23, 2024, 15:00
Career astrology consultation

Having trouble choosing a major? Contemplating a career change? Check in with your natal chart to explore the best options for you.

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Western Astrology
Robert Cosmar
Apr 24, 2024, 10:00
2 Hour Astrology Reading

Two hour reading covering almost 12 charts and Astrocartography. I cover your natal chart, transits and progressions. Each reading is done live and recorded. My clients participate in their reading and they receive a copy of the reading.

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Western Astrology
Robert Cosmar
Apr 24, 2024, 10:00
One Hour Astrology Reading

Natal, Forecasting, Relationships, Astrocartography

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