Human Design Chart Reading

coaching session
$200 USD
$200 USD

A detailed explanation of YOU based on Astrology, Chakras, Kabbalah, and the Universal Flow.

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Dawn is a Medium, Energy Worker, Pranic Healer, Drugless Practitioner and Intuitive. She utilizes these techniques during her private spiritual advising sessions to help bring harmony to one’s mind, body, and soul. Dawn is also certified in gentle yoga and meditation. She and Renee both teach mindfulness-based yoga classes at the wellness center.
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On Core Spirit since December 2020
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Healing4thes🌙ul2021-04-06 16:17 UTC

Hi Karin! Human design is an energetic blueprint chart based on your time of birth and birth location. It is based on astrology, quantum physics, and kabbalah. You will begin to understand and interpret your chart after the first session, but additional sessions will allow you to dive deeper into this information.

Karin2021-03-31 04:23 UTC

hello. how does this technique work?how many sessions do I need to get the initial effect?

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