PEMF Therapy

healing session
$35 USD
$35 USD

By re-energizing cell membranes, PEMF improves levels of oxygen, helps to reduce inflammation, and improve cellular function. The result is more energy, drive and stamina with less fatigue and brain fog. Using PEMF boosts the development of immune system cells.

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Dawn is a Medium, Energy Worker, Pranic Healer, Drugless Practitioner and Intuitive. She utilizes these techniques during her private spiritual advising sessions to help bring harmony to one’s mind, body, and soul. Dawn is also certified in gentle yoga and meditation. She and Renee both teach mindfulness-based yoga classes at the wellness center.
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On Core Spirit since December 2020
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Healing4thes🌙ul2021-04-06 16:00 UTC

Hi Jody! Some individuals have seen oxygen reuptake as a benefit with the use of PEMF.

Healing4thes🌙ul2021-04-06 15:57 UTC

Hi Veronica! PEMF works on the frequency and energy of the body. Some of the benefits are pain reduction, extra energy, and bone mending. There are a variety of other benefits as well. The sessions are relaxing as you lay down and listen to Zen music.

Jody Mills2021-04-05 23:13 UTC

I do sports very often, but the environment in my city does not allow me to breathe deeply. I feel like my body is running out of oxygen. Will your session help solve my problem?

Veronica Kee2021-03-24 09:34 UTC

Hey:) I was wondering what PEMF is and what an average session look like

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