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$375 USD
$375 USD

Do you find it hard to navigate life? Identifying potentials and challenges? Do you feel a need to know more about yourself, your present situation and, not least, what’s coming?

You are not alone with more and more people feeling just like you. We are alone in our quest to to create our own identity and to find meaning in it all. It is hard work and many of us could use a helping hand.

If you would like to know more about yourself, your present situation and, not least, your future, then a personal consultation is perhaps what you are looking for.

Is it about your romantic relationships? Your job? Buying property or moving house? Your financial situation? It is almost unlimited what a birth chart can reveal, and it is important that you have made up your mind about what it is you want or need from the consultation beforehand. By clearly defining two or three areas of focus, the consultation will be more to the point and much more meaningful.

A short résumé and the exact birth time and birth place provide for the best starting point for a fruitful dialogue. Even if the exact birth time is unavailable, it is still possible to have a rewarding consultation. It may not be as specific, but certainly still valuable.

Our future is already implicitly present in us and the birth chart can assist in revealing how it will transpire. However, your personal choices, not the horoscope, decide the actual outcome. The chart can guide you, but it can never dictate your life.

We do not concern ourselves with questions about health or death. We leave that to the health care system.

Personal consultations can be carried out face to face, or via Skype, Zoom or telephone.

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For many years I have balanced my work in the corporate world with my work in Western astrology. Together with my wife, I have now established a company dedicated to combining the experience from those two worlds with the aim of helping companies and individuals in fulfilling their potential. Our specialities include team dynamics and team building as well as personal, individual consultations.

On Core Spirit since April 2020
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