Relocation Astrology - 15 Minutes Per City

$15 USD

relocation astrology reports where I explore how you are most likely to experience a given city or region of the world, using astrocartography and your unique natal chart. I can also make recommendations on places people should consider if they don’t have a specific place in mind, for the same rate per city.

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Hello! As an eternal student of astrology, I have learned a lot over the last 10 years of avid study. I LOVE bringing that knowledge to my clients through deeply assessing their unique charts, applying a variety of astrological techniques in the process. I pull from a variety of astrological bodies of knowledge to deliver the most well-rounded, comprehensive, well-informed reading I can.

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Horoscopic Astrology
$161 USD
Synastry Relationship Astrology Reading Exploring Your Karmic Connection With Another...

1.5 hr pre-recorded synastry report reading where I explore the relationship between 2 people, including karmic connections from last lifetimes, what these 2 people have come together for in this lifetime, how they can best support each other, etc. Answers any specific questions the couple has about their relationship.

Astrology by Tonia
Natal Astrology
$188 USD
2 Hour Natal Chart Reading - Next Level Interpretations, The Depths on Your Chart Exposed

2 hr pre-recorded natal chart interpretation that allows for MUCH MORE information to be shared regarding the life details of the chart, while answering a longer list of questions for you. I utilize additional advanced astrology techniques and charts like perfections, progressions, solar returns, etc.

Astrology by Tonia
Natal Astrology
$111 USD
1 Hour Natal Chart Astrology Reading

In this reading, we dive deep into your natal chart, answering any specific questions you might have while applying a variety of ancient and modern astrology techniques. This is a great choice for new or moderate students of astrology because my style is very educational! No matter where you’re at in your astrological studies or spiritual journey, I believe a good reading can provide powerful healing and guidance on your path. It is my honor to offer you just that, information and guidance as unique as your individual birth chart, which nobody else has.

Astrology by Tonia

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Michael Bill
Mar 26, 2021

I don’t know much about astrology. Could you give me a hint, please, what’s the best time of the year to create a natal chart?

$15 USD
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