Astrological Birth Chart Reading

$97 USD
$97 USD

Although my aim is to help you understand your Birth Chart, so that you can realize your purpose and fulfill your potential, it is equally important, if not more so, to focus on where you are now! What troubles and concerns you Now!

The main body of our session will be focused on your present situation that will address your needs, concerns, and reason for this reading. Although I do not use astrology for predictions, looking ahead at future trends will be useful for you. This is much like a weather forecast.

Every reading always involves transits. A transit occurs whenever a planet, moving through its orbit during your lifetime, forms an aspect to one of your natal planets in your Birth Chart. The transiting planet will affect your life in some way. This always corresponds to your present situation.

I will help you to understand its message, what is going on at a deeper level, and what it is trying to bring about. We then will explore together your resources and the possible approach for the best positive outcome. Even when you’re going through a difficult patch, giving you fresh insight so that you understand it, will at least, help you through it; a change of attitude can alter the outcome altogether.

You will gain greater insights into your present situation, however, it is your responsibility how you act and use this information. I can provide guidance and clarity, but by no means can I make decisions for you. This is your responsibility; you are in charge of your own life.

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Lucinda Tinsley has been studying for over 30 years and gained a diploma in Astrological Psychology. The birth chart is the blue print of your life, showing your strengths, challenges and potentioal, She uses the birth chart to help understand your life and its purpose When you begin to look for more meaning and direction; Lucinda can help you understand your life's journey and karma.

On Core Spirit since November 2020

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Lucinda Tinsley2022-08-04 11:50 UTCreply toI need your adv…

Hello Amanda, thank you for your question, here's my take on your situation.
Your birth chart is the blue print of your life. It shows both your challenges and potential. The benefit of a reading is it helps you to get in touch with the real you, your soul and its purpose. It's not often that we know what we want at 20, must of us drift through life or do what is expected. Getting to know your chart is so useful in giving you insight into yourself and as a guide through your life's journey. I am happy to help if you have any more questions. Lucinda xx

Amanda Ball2021-03-23 19:14 UTC

I need your advice! I am 20 years old, I am in the 3rd year of university, but I do not understand whether I have chosen the right path in life… Lately, I have been completely indifferent to what I do and what I learn. Can your reading help me find my true purpose and vocation? thank you in advance for your answer!

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