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Lucinda Tinsley

Lucinda Tinsley has been studying for over 30 years and gained a diploma in Astrological Psychology. The birth chart is the blue print of your life, showing your strengths, challenges and potentioal, She uses the birth chart to help understand your life and its purpose When you begin to look for more meaning and direction; Lucinda can help you understand your life's journey and karma.
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About Lucinda Tinsley

Lucinda Tinsley has been studying for over 30 years and gained a diploma in Astrological Psychology. The birth chart is the blue print of your life, showing your strengths, challenges and potentioal, She uses the birth chart to help understand your life and its purpose When you begin to look for more meaning and direction; Lucinda can help you understand your life's journey and karma.

On Core Spirit since November 2020
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Western Astrology
Lucinda Tinsley
Astrological Birth Chart Reading

Although my aim is to help you understand your Birth Chart, so that you can realize your purpose and fulfill your potential, it is equally important, if not more so, to focus on where you are now! What troubles and concerns you Now!

The main body of our session will be focused on your present situation that will address your needs, concerns, and reason for this reading. Although I do not use astrology for predictions, looking ahead at future trends will be useful for you. This is much like a weather forecast.

Every reading always involves transits. A transit occurs whenever a planet, moving through its orbit during your lifetime, forms an aspect to one of your natal planets in your Birth Chart. The transiting planet will affect your life in some way. This always corresponds to your present situation.

I will help you to understand its message, what is going on at a deeper level, and what it is trying to bring about. We then will explore together your resources and the possible approach for the best positive outcome. Even when you’re going through a difficult patch, giving you fresh insight so that you understand it, will at least, help you through it; a change of attitude can alter the outcome altogether.

You will gain greater insights into your present situation, however, it is your responsibility how you act and use this information. I can provide guidance and clarity, but by no means can I make decisions for you. This is your responsibility; you are in charge of your own life.

Lucinda Tinsley
Astrology: the Ancient form of Psychology

Astrology is the oldest form of psychology as it deals with the underlying energies of the reasons for our actions, attitudes and responses. This ancient knowledge has lost its merit somewhat through the development of the logical and linear mindset of western society. Viewed and judged from the Sun sign only has also devalued its wisdom and purpose. Fortunately there have been those who, from a deep curiosity, delve into this fascinating subject. Each serious astrologer has added their own insights for others to gain deeper wisdom. As we evolve, so does our understanding of this higher knowledge.

Viewed from the logical mind, astrology makes little sense, after all how can the planets affect our lives? However, the planets are symbols of our psychological drives, which we as human beings all share. We all, for example, have feelings and emotions, which are shown through the Moon. We all have Mars, our assertive energy, to fulfill our desires. Our need to communicate and learn is symbolized by Mercury. The Birth Chart is a diagram of where each planet was placed at the moment of our birth. The sign, house and aspect to each planet gives a picture of our inner psychological energy patterns, which needs to be understood from a wider perspective. However, it also needs to make practical sense, in other words bringing astrology down to earth! The Birth Chart shows the underlying cause of the effects we create in our lives. The main benefit is in the insight it gives in the development of the uniqueness of each individual. What a tool this can be!!

**The Birth Chart is a Tool we need to use! **

The Birth Chart is a tool we can use to understand not only ourselves but life more fully. Self Awareness gives a smoother ride to change; otherwise it can seem like fate alone rules our destiny. Used in therapy this can zoom into the problems that could take weeks or months to uncover. It brings in another perspective and gives greater insight into a problem or situation. Understanding our inner drives and how our attitudes and thought forms are established can help in dealing with our lives. How these create our life and from this knowledge how we can learn to work with our energy patterns. After all, isn’t this what psychology is all about?

Carl Jung included the spiritual dimension into his work, hence stretching man’s consciousness. He knew and used astrology, combining it well with psychology. As we grow and evolve in consciousness I do believe astrology will retain its status and more so its value and usefulness. Used for self-understanding and to create harmony within ourselves will indeed expand our conscious awareness. This is the gift of this ancient psychology.

Lucinda Tinsley
The Sun And Moon: The Lights Of Your Life

Your Sun and Moon is the beginning of understanding your Birth Chart and Astrology. These describe your main character traits along with your emotional needs and your individuality. The Moon represents our instinctive nature. The Sun leads toward independence and our personal drive. Both are important aspects of our personality. An awareness of these from the unique placement in your horoscope will indeed give deeper insight into your life and purpose.


The Moon’s energy works from instinct and represents the emotional side of your nature. With no light of its own, it depends on the Sun to light up its presence. Likewise, we are dependent on our caregivers when we are born and our early nurturing creates our emotional roots. We all need to feel we belong, to feel safe, and cared for. All this is the Moon’s domain and motivation. When operating through our Moon, we always need someone or something to make us feel secure. Although a dependant energy it does teach us to relate, to feel compassion and empathy. We all have the basic need for survival and to be loved, but your Moon’s sign and house placement gives more details of your individual needs. Those that have not been met could create a longing and a desire for their fulfillment. Therefore it’s important to understand your Moon’s needs!


We grow into our own light, the Sun, as we grow and mature. This is more an independent energy, one of individuality and our own creative source of energy. The Sun’s motivation helps us to become a distinct and authentic character that possesses not only the ability to survive but also the capacity to make life more meaningful. To achieve this you must give full expression to your Sun Sign, knowing you’re an Aries Gemini or Virgo is not enough. You need to be aware of the underlying energy that your Sun sign represents. This sign represents qualities that you need to develop in constructive ways in order to express who you uniquely are and to become true to yourself.

You should also strive to develop the sphere of life associated with the house in which your Sun is placed. The aspects will inform you what planetary energies your Sun needs to integrate and unitize. All this information is in your Birth Chart and understanding your Sun and Moon is vitally important for your personal development, well-being, and life’s purpose.

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The past is really important to be able to let go. We must not allow ourselves to sink into the past, to relive events in order to understand what mistake we made then, why everything happened the way it happened. This fact greatly slows me down and I try to let go of the past, continue on my way. Hope this book really helps!


The Nodes in the birth chart are so important, they give you insights into your past and possibilities to the future



Western Astrology
Lucinda Tinsley
Astrological Birth Chart Reading

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