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2022-07-23 15:34 UTC

The Nodes in the birth chart are so important, they give you insights into your past and possibilities to the future




2022-07-25 11:31 UTC

The past is really important to be able to let go. We must not allow ourselves to sink into the past, to relive events in order to understand what mistake we made then, why everything happened the way it happened. This fact greatly slows me down and I try to let go of the past, continue on my way. Hope this book really helps!

2022-08-04 11:23 UTCreply toThe past is rea…

Thank you Jonathan for your input.
Yes I agree it's important to let go of the past, but we are often working from habitual patterns and emotional baggage. Becoming more conscious aware of how and why our attitudes and thoughts are formed is the first step to change. Astrology is the greatest tool for self-awareness. Which book do you refer?

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