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Personalized Affirmation Audio - Video Creation

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Saying affirmations can be useful yet exhausting, specially when you are NOT in the mood or are having a "bad day".

  • 90 minute Session to identify your biggest struggles you want to leave away.

  • Creation of personalized affirmation

  • Recording and musicalization of personalized affirmation audio.

  • It will be created to be heard using the 11:11 manifestation technique.

  • Benefits about this?:

  • Use them for meditating first thing in the morning or before going to bed

  • No matter how good or bad your day is going, this will be refreshing and calming instead of stressful and overwhelming

  • You can use your own voice or I can use mine.

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My Soul Purpose is to help You. I offer 1:1 Healing sessions, Transformational Programs, and supporting materials that not only will help uncover those past roots, heal them forward and create life strategy to being in Your power with passion and enthusiasm, helping You reconnect with your most POWERFUL energy, to UNLEASH Your passion, enthusiasm, and creativity, and help You see what’s POSSIBLE

15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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Florencia Mena
Jun 15, 2021

Yes the practice can improve mental health. The session is a around 99 minutes where we'll uncover the blocks you are facing on an specific situation, clear them out, do a resignation exercise and create the affirmations, then You send me the audio of these affirmations with your voice or we can use mine and I’ll send it with music, there is an extra for an EFT personalized script as well

Florencia Mena
Jun 15, 2021

Oh that would be awesome! I think we can figure it out!

Michelle Collins
Jun 15, 2021

Hi :) I would like to know whether it’s possible to give your session as a gift to another person. Thx in advance :)

Joan Wilson
Jun 15, 2021

Hello! This is really interesting. I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Does your practice help to improve mental health, for example, to deal with anxiety? Thanks in advance!

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