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Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis & EFT techniques used to help you with the keys to easy weight management. Unique behaviour intervention gives you a new perspective on your eating and weight management. Everybody loses weight while they are on the program. This takes places ONLINE for 4 sessions one week apart. Each session is 60 minutes.

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My years of experience have led me to compassion and caring which I carry through into every session. I help people see their own potential and work on strategies for living. Always investigating ways forward to release the emotional pain of the past and alleviate the symptoms in the present. I love what I do; I do it conscientiously and well. I am your ONLINE guide to success in your life.

16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

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Jane Nash
Apr 27, 2021

Not unless you don’t follow the program. I can refer you to an online body building fitness trainer who can help you though.

Jane Nash
Apr 27, 2021

Hypnosis cannot damage your brain. It is a natural phenomenon which you will have experienced already in your life.

Jane Nash
Apr 27, 2021

This is a weight management program and of course , the more you lose the easier it is to exercise but there is no particular exercise program which accompanies this. You are however, encouraged to exercise and walk on a regular basis.

Emma Stone
Apr 27, 2021

Hello! Can your online sessions help you not only lose weight but also get fit?

Sherry Turnbull
Apr 27, 2021

Hello. I read that you use clinical hypnosis during your sessions. Could you please tell me, if hypnosis can damage my brain? Thanks.

Alina Lee
Apr 26, 2021

You wrote about weigh loss… But will the session help me to gain some weight?

$750 USD
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