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What Is A Birth Chart?

Apr 26, 2021
Clarissa Jordan
Core Spirit member since Jan 29, 2021
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Part of our nature is to explore the internal dialogue and question our emotional space, the dynamics of our relationships and the pursuit of our vocation. We always aim to gain a deeper personal perspective, understand more about the meaning of life, how to inspire, how to connect, and ultimately how to experience.

When people say they do not believe in Zodiac signs, I completely understand. I never understood the depth of Astrology either; however, there were still questions that floated in my mind relating to our perception of life. Why do we have dreams at night? Why are some people psychic? And why are some people empathic? Why do we follow a calendar? What is the purpose of time? Why does the Sun (our ego) and the Moon (our emotions) have a distinct relationship? Are they attuned to each other, and we attuned to them? Why does the Sun compel us to wake up every day? Why does the Moon affect our oceans? What does this mean when we are made up of 60% water? I would ask myself, why did ancient civilisations ground their beliefs in what they believed to be in the sky? Crazy right? I realised the real question was, what is belief? All these questions may never have one solid answer, so I try to grow my understanding of life. When beliefs are based on philosophies so old, they can be seen as mysticism. Astrology is just another way to connect with ourselves enough to be able to find knowledge about our conscious and unconscious conditioning. Helping to understand the reliance on our beliefs, habits, patterns, behaviour, projections, reflections, and relationships with others. So welcome to the age of Aquarius, the ruler of Astrology; let’s delve in.

Are Birth Charts Accurate?

A birth chart creates another interpretation into the language of the soul and our human experience. Psychological Astrology is a deeper analysis of our connection to the energies around us and their influences. Indeed, there are indicators in a person’s birth chart that can suggest desires, and situations they experience, and why. Many interpretations answer how a person is connected to life by exploring astrological birth charts, they highlight how individual and how similar we are in our beliefs.

Astrology In Ancient Civilisation

What was viewed as the science of the heavens has become mysticism. As we ironically use new technologies to discover more about ancient civilisations, we have better insight into the knowledge they had regarding the patterns in the spaces around us. These patterns were regarded as synchronisation and cycles, polarities and attraction, an understanding that one thing has a relationship with another.

This deeper knowledge has never really left our consciousness altogether, as we understand there is a connection to the relationship of patterns. It exists in the smallest elements of our lives, even on a cellular level, through the processes within microbiology.

What Do The Planets Symbolise?

The Sun (☉ ☼) is represented as a shield with a circle inside and the ruler of Gold. In astrology, the Sun is the ruler of Leo.

Mercury (☿) is represented as the head and winged cap of Mercury and the ruler of the liquid metal Mercury (or quicksilver). In astrology, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo.

Venus (♀) is represented as the Goddess mirror, the symbol of femininity and the ruler of Copper. In astrology, Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra.

Earth (⨁ ♁) is represented as a globe divided into four quarters. One line straight represents the equator, and the other represents the median between east and west. Also representing the four sacred elements in life (Water, Fire, Earth and Air) and the four spirits of direction (North, South, East and West), portrayed in many ancient cultures. In astrology, the Earth represents us as human beings, the environment around us, and our relationship with our conscious perspective.

Moon (☾) is represented as a crescent, the first quarter of the lunar phase, identified by the shape we see in the sky at night and the ruler of Silver. In astrology, the Moon is the ruler of Cancer.

Mars (♂♂️) is represented as the shield and the spear and the ruler of Iron. In astrology, Mars is the ruler of Aries and old the ruler of Scorpio.

Jupiter (♃) is represented as a hieroglyphic symbol of the eagle or Jove’s bird. The eagle is considered Jupiter’s primary sacred animal as it has superiority over other birds. Jove is another name for Jupiter, observed as the King of Gods in ancient mythologies and the ruler of Tin. In astrology, Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and old the ruler of Pisces.

Saturn (♄) is represented as an ancient scythe (a short-handed tool with a large curved blade) or sickle (a long-handed tool with a large longward blade) and the ruler of Lead. In astrology, Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and old the ruler of Aquarius.

Uranus (⛢ ♅ ) is represented by a symbol the combines the Sun and the spear of Mars. Uranus is the ruler of Zinc, and in astrology, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

Neptune (♆) is represented as the trident of Neptune, observed as the God of waters in ancient mythologies, and the subconscious mind, and the ruler of Cobalt. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Pluto is represented as a combination the circle (spirit) over the crescent (spiritual receptiveness) and the cross (matter), placing an emphasis on spiritual depth and relationship with above the physical world. In astrology, Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio.

What Can Astrology Offer A Solution In Relationship Advice?

The knowledge discovered about love through relationship astrology can help exercise how to value a person’s concept regarding love and marriage. Using Astrology as resource tools, connections can link understanding to aspects of ourselves and the type of love we can attract, the activities in love pursuits, and our ideas of success in love and partnerships.

What Are The 12 Houses In A Birth Chart?

1st House - Identity, physical presence, interaction with our environment.

2nd House - Money, value and self-worth.

3rd House - Short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family.

4th House - Our home, our sense of stability, our Mother and our Mothers karma, our relationship emotional intuitiveness.

5th House - Creativity, joy and children.

6th House - Work-life, habits and health.

7th House - Our belief and reflections in relationships.

8th House - The things we gain and the things we lose in life through our karma and the karma of others, our relationship with the things we cannot see, our psychic abilities.

9th House - Our beliefs, education, spiritual and long-distance travel, where we gain enlightenment.

10th House - Our status, our career, our physical structures and our relationship with our Father.

11th House - Our relationship with friends and peers, our cause in society.

12th House - Our heightened mind and psychic abilities, our subconscious structures, hidden fears, hidden memories, and generational karma.

In each area of life, we can examine our process of change, how we feel connected to intuitiveness, higher-mind abilities, and highlight anxieties regarding things that have not been verbally spoken about.

Can Astrology Help A Person Sex Life?

You can gain more understanding of sexual desires and our connection to sex. For example, a person’s birth chart can show their demeanour to have a contrasting perspective on their belief about sex. For instance, a Sun in Virgo Zodiac person may have methodical, reserved or even shy tendencies; however, with a Sagittarius 8th House, they may regard sex as a fun and adventurous activity with their partner, desiring heightening sexual experiences. Whereas, a Scorpio 8th House, they will go into a space of intimacy that no other sign will go, taking their partner to deeper depths.

Our astrological aspects can also indicate the energy that flows through a person’s sexual drive; for instance, a square between a person’s Mars to their Venus can show as reflection, a challenging dynamic in a relationship with a partner, creating reactive triggers. A man with his Venus in the Gemini sign may require communicative stimulation to keep his interest, creating a space that needs options. Whereas a man with his Venus in the Libra sign can be very charming and will aim to create beautiful moments in a relationship, always creating the level of dedication needed in their partnership to maintain the balance. Then place the energy of Pluto with Venus, and it makes a deepening of emotional exploration related to desires, where in extreme can create obsessive relationships. Some want sex with personality. Others will prefer sex with practicality. Some like the idea of a relationship reflecting the ideals from their parents; others would prefer two of a kind. Some want sex that invigorates their beauty and health, whereas others wish to have sexual experiences where they feel like students of life and sex leads them to sexual transcendence.

Can Astrology Tell Me If I love Sex More Than Most?

In some cases, the feeling that suggests having a higher sexual need in bedroom activities can also speak to something unrelated to sex, relating instead to the sense of power, desire, or even control.

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