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How Does The Moon Affect The Body?

Mar 22, 2021
Clarissa Jordan
Core Spirit member since Jan 29, 2021
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How Does The Moon Affect The Body?

In Ancient civilisations, the Moon and the Moon’s phases had a deep connection to our body, health and our relationship with nature, connections we still consider now. The effects of the Moon on the body, both physical and mental health, can be experienced through the lunar phases, with modern research finding scientific evidence to support this. The following studies support a biological connection to the Moon:

In 2008, The Royal Liverpool University Hospital urological admissions were affected by lunar phases. The research found emergency urological admissions to be higher on full moon days. In contrast, the new Moon had a calming effect.

How The Moon Affects Humans – A History

In Ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy, the concept of duality, characterised as the yin and yang principle, observes the relationship we have with our opposites. In this relationship of polarities, the contrary forces are interconnected, interdependent, and needing each other to strengthen the power that exists within them.

In Astrology, the Moon is Yin, and the Sun is Yang. The Sun radiates heat and light, linking to the projection of our outward personality, how we shine, all that we show of ourselves to others, our vital force. The glow we see of the Moon reflects the Sun’s light, representing our inner personality and emotions. The Moon’s reflection of the Sun links our vital force to how we feel within our private and intimate thoughts and feelings. Our inner emotion has a relationship with expression and is projected, radiating through our vital force into our external environment. When our vital force has a quieter or darker expression, it can indicate a disconnection or a negative influence within our emotions. It is believed the Moon affects how we respond to all sorts of changes in life and on the body at a physiological level.

The Moon & Our Body

In Astrology, the following symptoms have an associated with the Moon sign in a person’s birth chart;

Moon in Aries

\* Dry mucous membrane

\* Dry skin

\* Itchy skin scalp

\* Sore throat and dry cough

\* Headaches

\* Insomnia

\* Lack of periods

\* Fertility issues

\* Muscular spasms

Moon In Taurus

\* Weight gain due to emotional comfort

\* Addictive eating

\* Ears, nose and throat issues

Moon In Gemini

\* Anxiety

\* Nervousness

\* Musculoskeletal Weakness in shoulders

\* Diarrhoea issues such as IBS

Moon In cancer

\* A nervous stomach

\* They can become ill as an emotional response to their external environment, such as stress or seasonal changes.

\* Allergies

\* Fibroids

\* Breast discomfort during PMS

Moon in Leo

\* Postural issues

\* Musculoskeletal issues

\* Dry skin

\* Digestion issues

\* Fertility issues

Moon In Virgo

\* IBS

\* Nervous digestion

\* Allergies

Moon In Libra

\* Kidney problems

\* Fluid imbalance within the body

\* Dizzy spells

\* Endocrine disorders

\* Headaches

Moon In Scorpio

\* Bladder issues

\* Nasal congestion

\* Watery nose

\* Excessive sweating

\* Fibroids

\* Haemorrhoids

Moon In Sagittarius

\* Emotional instability

\* Swelling in the hips or thighs

\* Insomnia

Moon In Capricorn

\* Excessive skin dryness

\* Period problems

\* Fertility issues

\* Endometriosis

\* Inflamed joints

\* Malnutrition - poor nutrient absorption in the small intestine

\* Stiff joints

Moon In Aquarius

\* Mood swings

\* Low blood pressure

\* Fatigue

\* Fluctuating energy levels

\* Poor circulation

\* Moon in Pisces

\* Fatigue

\* Low moods

\* Heavy periods

\* Lung issues

\* Weight gain

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