Mercury Retrograde In Libra 2021 | Karmic Connections, Conflict & Compromises

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The Mercury Retrograde in Libra gives us the time to reflect in that space that is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. It is the best time to go back and renew the whispers of promises in the things we said we were going to do, in the love we said we were going to have for each other, in the lessons we were going to learn together, in the vowels we said we made to each other, in the ties we said we were going to bond. In the relationship we said we were going to mend. This is a time to make sure we do it. The reviewing of life shows that there is a power in reflection, renewal and reconciliation. Libra is the season of change. This reflects into the things that can no longer grow in order to give way to new life and bring a new sense of nature's harmony. Demonstrating there are always two sides to every eventuality when anything is created, a duality of intention. Both represent the belief in what is created. There is nothing stronger than a belief that opposes our own, to make our point of view stronger in its stance. It can feel hard; however, it is also fantastic as it is the process that we go through to have progressive thoughts always. Having to adapt to the contrasts in our beliefs, validating our beliefs, evolving our beliefs, this all creates new ideas to further forward, just like Autumn to Winter to Spring. Love always Clarissa

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Clarissa is a qualified Psychological Astrologer, gaining her formal Astrology education at the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology (MISPA). Clarissa is also a qualified Beauty Therapist with over 20 years experience in the Beauty. She is also her numerous skill under her belt as a Digital Designer, Content Creator, Marketing Strategist, and Creator of Her Luxury Wellness Website.
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