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How Attract An Aquarius
Feb 17, 2021

Love and Relationships for Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians want to share a beautiful companionship that is wrapped in the joy of being friends. A partnership where interactions result in lovers of the mind. They would be stimulated by style traits that show individuality while viewing their life as partners on the same page, reading the book called, The potential of everything. Aquarians look at qualities that last, a partner who shows strength in their role, a flexibility for change in any situation, action combined with the state of relevance, and where caring for humanity is not just a demeanour, it is a pleasure.

Positives of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

They are unlike other star signs, the natural leaders are also naturally rebellious. The lover and friends of Aquarius star sign will know they would choose the direction others would chose not to take, Aquarians have already thought about the outcome of each direction and have a preference. The power of Aquarius zodiac signs is that people cannot access their thoughts unless they allow them. Aquarians are masters of the mental stimulations and enjoy using their energy to spend time within their thoughts, this is where the possibility of true freedom lives.

Negatives of Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The archetype of the Water-Bearer makes a point to be confusing by alluding that it may be based in emotion when the true gift of the Aquarius sign is what lies in the nourishment of thought when poured onto a quenching mind. By adding substance in way that may have never been recognised until that first drop. Just like new discoveries gifted to the world, once consumed can never be withdrawn from a group, only improved upon.

How To Attract An Aquarius

1. Be unique! Aquarius represents our ability to express our identity and our interaction with others. By showing the passion that lies in thought and is expressed through movement and personality, this is the first step to attract an Aquarius.

2. The second step to attract an Aquarius is stimulation of thought with depth and knowledge, they do not mind if emotion leads to logic as this is how they process their emotions. The third step is to show them who you are, including flaws as they understand the imperfection everyone more intricately than others.

3. Be proud of your independence. A Carl Jung concept that can explain the Aquarians consciousness is understanding our need for Individuation within our collective which leads to the pursuit of Freewill. Aquarians enjoy the qualities of an intellectual partner who is consistent in their efforts of their pursuits, they appreciate hard work and if they can see the value in the change created they will join in with their own qualities.

4. Enjoy their Aquarius quirks, there will be something that is different about them, whether it is on display or hidden, either way, it will be expressed.

How to Get Along With An Aquarius

Become best friends with an Aquarius driven by the stimulation of a connection through emotional intelligence and thought. They would love a friendship that lifts the veil on the consciously repressed behaviour within us all and the unconscious effects of our belief, habits, patterns and behaviour, reactions to others or projections, reflections and even karmic relationships, people have to work through in this life. When people become conscious of they are able to create effective solutions that can improve the quality of life and success in the future. This is the Aquarius ultimate goal, especially in a companionship.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality

Aquarians believe in the purity of our collective truth; it is what gives meaning to the things that cannot see but inherently feel. When approached with logic it can strengthen their drive, and be the Commander of our will. Touching their heart with passion and purpose, to know that people are connected to something more than our earthy human experience.

What Is The Ruling Planet Of Aquarius?

In Astrology, Uranus is the ruling planet of the Aquarius zodiac sign, and as an energy in our lives, it represents the unbinding of old structures, beliefs and actions, highlighting how the concept of power is reflected in our lives. Spending 7 years in each star sign, it is generational, together people explore it effects through the filters of our belief. In mythology, it represents the story of a rebellious drive to the future through strategy and action, where the intention is to grow and create generations.

Saturn (♄) ruler of Lead, is represented as an ancient scythe (a short-handed tool with a large curved blade) or sickle (a long-handed tool with a large longward blade). In astrology, the Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and old the ruler of Aquarius.

Uranus (⛢ ♅ ) ruler of Zinc, is represented by a symbol combination of the Sun and the spear of Mars. In astrology, the Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius.

What Does Uranus Mean In A Birth Chart?

Being the ruler of Aquarius, the planet Uranus represents liberation and transformation, new perspectives that link to a Uranian outlook for possibilites through innovation, technology, and a responsibility to the collective. Exploring where the planet of Uranus and the Aquarius star is place in our birth chart can shows where people are enlightened by innovation and intuitive, and where people desire freedom from the beliefs of a previous opposing mindset, the desire of freedom from conscious and unconscious cycles. It highlights our breakthroughs through a reactive process of breakdowns, collectively and individually. As our inspiration for awakening in ourselves and others, it can urge unexpected change created to help shift our mindset and give attention to an issue in that very moment. Showing us how ego-led routines interact with our identity through reflection and projection, in some cases creating an unconscious chokehold on principles that want to grow. Also reflective of the Aquarius sign, the planet also represents the liberation and transformation, new perspectives that link to a Uranian outlook for the future possibly through innovation, technology, and a responsibility to the collective.

What Can Astrology Offer A Solution In Relationship Advice?

The knowledge discovered about love through astrology can help exercise how to value the individual concept a person has about love and marriage. Through the exploration of your birth chart, you can discover the link between the aspects of yourself that attract love interests, the activities in love pursuits, and your ideas of success in love and in a partnership. Further understanding to develop positive connections to our perception of love, aligning with the intention of creating a beautiful love life.

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