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Pisces - Everything You Need To Know About
Mar 1, 2021


Everything you need to know about Pisces

The Pisces Zodiac Sign is the sign that is truly loved, and the people who can have a hard time feeling truly understood. People with the Pisces zodiac sign can help others expand their emotional boundaries, filling the heart with a range of interpretations that can only be found in the Pisces imagination. Of course, connect with a Pisces who is in a positive headspace about themselves, and they can share with you their ability to imagine and manifest their desires, creating an internal place of wish fulfilment, a wonderland. As the zodiac chameleons, it can be hard to distinguish whether a person is a Pisces until you get to know them; they have a special gift in this regard. What is even more challenging is trying to pin them down. Let’s explore the Pisces ocean heart further.

Pisces Ruling Planet: Neptune & Dates

Pisces dates are from 19th February to 20th March. In astrology, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune (♆) ruler of Cobalt is represented as Neptune’s trident, observed as the God of waters in ancient mythology. Neptune is connected to the power of emotions in the subconscious mind and the effects on the higher mind consciousness.

Pisces Element: Water

In astrology, Pisces are the last sign of the water elements and have the highest water consciousness. If we consider the behaviour of water, we can start to understand the relationship Pisces has with life. Water and its vastness, depth and under the surface activity is a reflection of Pisces. If we were to take some water from the ocean and place it in a glass, it is no longer ocean water; it starts to display the behaviour of water in a glass, contained. Like a glass of water, it no longer serves its use as part of the ocean. It becomes what is needed to be, adapting to its surroundings while still maintaining an understanding and connection to its original depth. The adaptability that Pisces displays gives those in the same environment the opportunity to see the reality of their choices. When remaining in the glass for too long, the water becomes cloudy, even murky, and the only way for the water to be replenished is to return it back to its original source to go through natural cleansing.

An Oceanic Mind

In Astrology, water represents our emotions giving Pisces a gift of sensitivity and intuitiveness, the ability to see the vulnerability of others as they are connected to the spaces we can feel. This gives Pisces a knowing of what will happen next in a situation, knowing how a person could react, almost like a premonition or intuitive empathy. This also means Pisces can absorb the emotions of others, to the point they sometimes cannot distinguish whether it is their emotion or the emotion of others that they are exploring.

Pisces Positive Traits

As previously mentioned, Pisces’ emotional sensitivity helps us see the reality of the emotion-based choices we make, especially through reflection. When we look at water, we can see a version of ourselves; we are aware that it is not who we are; however, we recognise something about ourselves. This ability to reflect and absorb is why Pisces like to be in spaces where they can feel the most euphoria in their emotions, even if it means escaping reality in their own way. And in a world that is based so much on earthly expressions, this can be very often. When they return from their place of escapism or imagination, they bring an understanding that can be interpreted and used in their environment. To others, this can be seen as a manifestation, as many people can see Pisces’ ability to seemingly create things out of thin air, making them seem otherworldly or magical.

The personality of Steve Jobs is a pure example of a Pisces. The energy of his Piscean traits showed no boundaries, exploring the depth of technology that his peers may have not understood; however, his intuition led him to delve into ideas others would not.

Pisces Greatest Challenges

Their sensitivity level, a Pisces, can make their emotional expression undefinable and pull those in their field into the realm of confusion and even manipulation. Once you allow a Piscean into your emotions, they will help open up parts of who you are by dissolving the concept of boundaries, revealing our own abilities, even if we may not want to see them. A Piscean can feel burdened by the level of emotion they unintentionally carry all the time, and if not prepared to deal with a situation, they can feel as though they are the victim and find a way out. Worst yet, they can sacrifice themselves emotionally to a belief and become the martyr.

Yes, Is Pisces A Good Sign

Pisces are known to have an element of premonition; they really have an intricate sensitivity to life, allowing them to know what will happen. They are able to sense things in their environment as life to them feels recycled, a feeling of living life again. Their relationship with emotion intuitiveness is different from Scorpio, who has the ability to reveal the truth in a situation and let you deal with it. Scorpio intention is not to hurt; it is to simply reveal the purity in the unspoken knowing, showing the karma of the emotion and the decisions we make. On the other hand, Pisces want to explore the vastness of emotions, when better understood, can be healed. Once the range of emotions is experienced, there is a transformation into reality seen as solutions or manifestation.

Pisces: The Fish

Pisces is symbolised by a pair of fishes, two paths, where one fish has to experience the ocean with space to feel their environment, explore the depths, and seek new concepts. The other fish lives the aquarium life or even as a goldfish, surrounded by the comfort of their knowing. They know certain things are always available in that environment, a routine, the safest mode of survival and support. However, they still remember that they are also the fish in the ocean, and the spirit of who they are cannot be contained. Nothing else can fulfil their need for exploration other than exploring what is outside of themselves and out of their current reach. Of course, Pisceans can find a way to feel free to explore in their containing environment. Some Pisces love to feel contained, as they have found a way to feel the freedom to explore through their thoughts and emotions. As long as they have access to the highest level of where they feel life can take them, they are happy to set an internal timer while thinking about where to go next.

How To Attract Pisces

The concept of freedom and security is also how Pisces feel about their romantic relationships, with an emphasis on romance. Their partner’s behaviour should make them feel secure, comfortable and safe while allowing space for creative and emotional freedom. Pisces are a mutable sign; the qualities they seek in a partner can change just as they do. When Pisces is still on the path of exploration, they can change what they want in a partner from year to year; what they wanted one year could be the complete opposite the following year, after a full emotional exploration of the previous partner. The foundation they seek with a partner is made of dedication, flexibility and groundedness. Someone who falls in love with the new concepts they always tap into and believes love is just as expansive as they see it to be. Even if Pisces do not love the idea of love due to their life experiences, they recognise what sensitivity means. They enjoy sensation, touch, taste, feeling, a hug, a massage, sleeping, comfort food, alcohol, and extracurricular activities that make them feel the way they want.

Negative Pisces Traits

When they choose to, Pisces can be the escape artists; they can easily escape any situation due to their intuitive knowing. To others, it can be seen as luck, the ability to divert from any situation with ease or eliminate the weight that it poised on their shoulders. Even if a situation is negative, they have to feel it for all for what is it; this is when they can stay in the feeling too long. Just like a fish in murky waters, leading them into states of depression mixed with the euphoria of the unknowing. Leaving them only one way to escape, through the emotions of the mind. Depending on the direction they want to go, it could be into higher consciousness or in the realm of the subconscious, the deep ocean, our 70% of the unexplored. Another direction is the ability to go back and forth into higher consciousness and subconsciousness at any given time to reach the highest version of themselves. With all this explanation about Pisces, they may still feel as though they are the only ones that can truly understand their meaning.

Ruling House: Twelfth

In an astrological birth chart, a person with their Sun in the 12th house has their Sun in Neptune and Pisces territory. They may work hard in the unseen spaces of the 12th house, exploring mental and emotional capacities intertwined with ethereal thinking and their relationship with the subconscious and unconscious. A person with the Sun in the 12th house space could be an extrovert in their personal environment; however, seen as an introvert in their external environment. The 12th represents the space where our deep thoughts rest, where the fears of the mind lie and where our concepts of security reside. The energy of the 12th house planetary placements is hidden to the outside world, even to themselves, until they journey to uncover the hidden parts of who they are. It could be their hidden talents, their hidden voice, their family or partner secrets, even hidden understanding of life. The 12th house is so expansive, it could mean ancestral connections, intuitive gifts and boundless thinking.

Regarding the concepts of security, it could also mean emotional containment that can manifest as actual containment in reality, such as isolation, intuitions and prison. The 12th house space aims to create a focus on the relationship between expansion and limitation, the knowledge gained from our emotions, environment, or the lives lived before us.

Collective Neptune Transits To Consider

Neptune is currently in Pisces until Sunday 25th January 2026.

2021 Neptune Trine Neptune - Reflections and manifestations of our inner self.

2021 Neptune Square Mercury - Cunning and clever communication.

2023 Neptune Square Lilith - The unapologetic gracefulness of her rebellion.

2023 Neptune Trine Moon - Heighten intuition and tapping into spiritual gifts.

2024 Uranus Opposition Neptune - Unexpected spiritual awakenings and transformations.

2025 Saturn Trine Neptune - Spiritual Grounding, ideas of imagination transformed into reality.

2026 Jupiter Trine Neptune - Expressing the spiritual beliefs and intuitive approaches.

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