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Gemini And A Guide To Mercury Retrograde
Jul 29, 2021


Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac where there is a focus on communication, thought, speed and connectivity, and finding solutions through mentally stimulating processes.
In Astrology, the Sign of Gemini is ruled by Mercury, ruler of the 3rd house. The 3rd house represents short forms of communication and travel, friends, siblings and family. Planets found in this house show the way in which we communicate with others and our ability to interpret our thoughts.

Symbolised by the twins creates a connection to the changeability of Gemini. An ability to divert their energy into multiple situations, a mindset that needs continual stimulation. The Gemini zodiac sign signifies self-awareness and a nature of duality, which focuses on gathering and sharing information.


In medical astrology, Gemini governs breathing, the lungs, the upper limbs, and the senses connected to sight and hearing. Gemini can have an overactive brain which can lead to insomnia. There can also be disassociation of emotions, creating a risk of logically processing situations without the process of how things feel. Gemini placements in a chart can show afflictions such as coughs, lung issues, arm issues such as cramps, twitching and trapped nerves, even more significant nerve issues such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.


Gemini love stimulation of the mind; Gemini is attracted to love that is impulsive and adventurous. Geminis are intellectual and excellent communicators, yet they are still light-hearted enough to have fun no matter what they are talking about.

People born under the Gemini sign are eager to learn about almost anything, making them superior listeners and conversationalists. Gemini tends to make friends easily, and friendships are also the basis for their romantic relationships. Their flirting skills are excellent.

Gemini in relationships like intense verbal sparring to be followed quickly by intense reconciliation. To keep the flames alive in relationships, Gemini is known to spice things up with their changeability to keep their partner interested. Furthermore, they hate playing games where they cannot have the final say. They love to be with a partner who is open to adventures and even life changes, as they support imagination and creativity.

Gemini are excellent entertainers and can naturally connect with their children to form lasting bonds. As parents, Gemini may prefer to let their partner be the disciplinarian while they remain the cool and fun parent.


Three times a year, the planet Mercury in its journey around the Sun, appears to be pulled back through its own orbit to transit over the space it has already travelled; this is known in Astrology as the Mercury Retrograde. No one knows why this happens; however, it is quite interesting to acknowledge as it can imply that there may be a reason why. Examining the concept of review and reflection, the Mercury Retrograde motion can make us focus on what we have to revisit, especially in terms of communication.


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As Mercury relates to our communication, during the Mercury retrograde, it also creates a caution over words, especially in agreements. As we communicate with words, each sound makes an energetic expression, which carries with it our emotional intent. In Astrology, Mercury is considered the messenger between the subconscious and conscious with associations of being the Trickster, the master of games. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and our planet of information, communication and anything that is considered fast-moving, has a relationship between the head and mouth connection that feels free, so our communication can become problematic in a Mercury Retrograde. Previous conversations that are emotionally triggering can resurface.


The Pre-Shadow is the energetic preparation made towards Mercury’s turning points in the Retrograde cycle, creating for us an awareness of the effects to its most definitive feelings. The Post-Shadow, in turn, is the energetic preparation made in the outward journey, creating a sense of forwarding momentum with a gained awareness brought into our consciousness from the Mercury retrograde period.


Yes. As a planet, busy Mercury moves the fastest around the Sun, travelling at such speed that it can take 88 days to orbit the Sun. During its transit around the Sun, it enters a retrograde phase, occurring three times a year; during this phase, from our perspective, Mercury creates the illusion of changing its motion into reverse rotation.


Those born in the retrograde period are less affected by the energies presented in the Mercury Retrograde cycles. These are the people that may always have an inner sense of reviewing life, often naturally looking over the work of others, experiencing a concentration of life events that can feel like constant evaluation. For everybody else, there is a sense of being pulled back to issues that need a reorganisation of order, reviewing, or reestablishing of past situations that require effort to an end.


The Mercury retrograde places caution over these agreements, even if signed and secured; for some reason, agreements made during this time may face a level of inconstancy. At this time, the energy created within a contractual agreement is conceived in a period of energetic reflection, which could create a need to go through a reassessment experienced later. We have to consider that every type of relationship is also a spiritual agreement, and our emotions make unspoken connections.

During the Mercury retrograde, there is usually an attachment to unresolved personal karmic issues, which creates a relationship of reflective consideration. When we get into an agreement, we all believe we are ready to say yes; however, there is a sense of reversal during the retrograde time. This means a yes can have an unconscious connection to an unexplored experience or feeling that may require revisiting.

In Astrology, Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and Gemini reflects the energy connected to those we are closest to, such as our siblings, family, friends and neighbours. Within these relationships, discussions can be very contemplative of the emotions held deep in the heart.


Relating to the Mercury Retrograde, which happens three times a year, each one of the cycles gives us the time to reflect in that space and just like the cycle, it does not try to stay in that space; it is always in the pursuit of awareness and forward moving. It is the best time to go back and renew the whispers of promises in the things we said we were going to do, in the love we said we were going to have for each other, in the lessons we were going to learn together, in the vowels we said we made to each other, in the ties we said we were going to bond. In the relationship we said we were going to mend. This is a time to make sure we do it. The reviewing of life shows that there is a power in reflection, renewal and reconciliation.

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