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Myofascial release
What is this thing called love?


What IS this thing called Fascia?  I’ve often looked at my relationship and association with the world of fascia and questioned where it’s going and whether it’s the right direction.  The move towards a website called Functional …

Skin Removal Surgery
This innovative skin-stretching technology speeds up healing

Technology is painless and safe to use on children and animals.

A new stretching device is recognised as a breakthrough in surgical treatment. It can close wounds without skin grafts or other difficult solutions, helping patients heal quicker.<…

Arm Lift
Yoga For The Root Chakra

Yoga Poses For The Root Chakra

The root chakra is the first or base chakra in the human chakra system, known as Muladhara in sanskrit and located at the base of the spine, the perineum and the pelvic flo…

Foot Binding
Boosting Your Confidence Through Men’s Footwear

Men’s fashion has evolved significantly over recent years. Here’s a look at some ways that men’s footwear is changing for the better as well some ideas about how to make more fashionable, expressive, and comfortable shoe choices.


Mindful Eating for Weight Loss & Enhanced Life

Losing weight or

Inside the World's Only Surviving Tattoo Shop For Medieval Pi...

In Jerusalem’s Old City today, you can find a uniquely obscure historical relic—the sole surviving pilgrimage tattoo business, Razzouk Ink. It’s a place where ancient artifacts meet contemporary machines, rich history intersects with modern technology.…

In defense of transhumanism

David Vincent Kimel is a doctoral student at Yale in the history department and the founder of Yale Students and Scholars for the Study of Transhumanism. He blogs at “On Earth As It Is.”

When I first tried to start a club for the study of transhu…

The Immortality Upgrade

On April 7, 1844, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, delivered a sermon to twenty thousand of his followers in Nauvoo, Illinois. The immediate occasion was the funeral of King Follett, a close friend of Smith’s, and there is no doubt that d…

Can Stomach Botox Injections Help People Lose Weight?

Doctors are considering a new use for Botox: The drug may help obese people lose weight, according to early research.

The treatment may work by blocking a key nerve in the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and satiety, the researchers said…

The Neurologist Who Hacked His Brain—And Almost Lost His Mind

THE BRAIN SURGERY lasted 11 and a half hours, beginning on the afternoon of June 21, 2014, and stretching into the Caribbean predawn of the next day. In the afternoon, after the anesthesia had worn off, the neurosurgeon came in, removed his wire-frame …

Age Reversal Pill: Scientists Unveil a Giant Leap for Anti-Ag...

Researchers have made a discovery that could lead to a revolutionary drug that actually reverses ageing, improves DNA repair and could even help NASA get its astronauts to Mars.

In a paper published in Science today, the team identifies a critica…

Natural and Organic Beauty
The Precise Formula for a Beautiful Face

Leading plastic surgeons believe a mathematical ratio, dating back 2,500 years, is the solution to creating facial beauty and use the ancient formula to help achieve their patients’ sought-after outcomes

“Wherever there is number, there is beauty…

3D Bioprinting
3D Bioprinting is Now a Reality: Bio-Ink Stem Cells Identified

Technology is developing rapidly with groundbreaking innovations and discoveries. 3D-printing is one of the recent innovations that has influenced various fields.

With a

Polish Vampires: Bloody Truth behind Dark Myth

Typical of Slavic folklore, vampires and upiórs made their way into the popular culture and iconography of Polish Romanticism. The art-work is from th

small , Polish Vampires: Bloody Truth behind Dark Myth , Typical of Slavic folklore, vampires a…

Esoteric & Occult
Circle in the Square: Studies in the Use of Gender in Kabbali...

This is a companion-volume to the same author's Along the Path: Studies Kabbalistic Myth, Symbolism and Hermeneutics (1995) and also to Through a Speculum that Shines: Vision and Imagination in Medieval Jewish Mysticism (1994). These are studies in Jew…

Organ Replacements
Five Up and Coming Health Technologies

New technology is transforming health care every day and is contributing to a more connected model of care. Traditional, non-connected devices may soon make way for technology that is taking advantage of new scientific breakthroughs. Health technology …

Ancient Alchemist: Nicolas Flamel

Nicolas Flamel 1330 - Paris, March 22, 1418 - was a successful French scrivener and manuscript-seller who developed a posthumous reputation as an alchemist due to his reputed work on the Philosopher's Stone.

According to the introduction to his w…

Ayurvedic Massage
Ayurvedic Breast Massage And Its Effects

Breast massage treatment, though rare in many massage practices, and at times controversial on the front, should be a greater priority for women and their physical, psychological and spiritual wellness.

The complex issues women frequentl…