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Mar 29, 2021
Darcy Adamson
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Breast liposuction is a surgical operation aimed at eliminating excessive subcutaneous fat deposits in the mammary glands. This kind of intervention is often resorted to by representatives of not only the fair sex, but also the strong. Men can use breast liposuction in the case of gynecomastia.

Very large and heavy breasts are often a significant problem for women, because it makes the profile heavier, increases the load on the spine, and leads to painful sensations in the spinal region. Due to the removal of fat deposits from the mammary glands, their minimally invasive reduction is achieved. Recovery after this method of adjusting the size of the bust is quite fast, there are no scars completely, and edema is insignificant.

Liposuction as a method of breast reduction

Due to its specific nature, breast liposuction is usually performed in combination with other cosmetic operations on the bust. In some cases, mammoplasty is performed simultaneously with breast liposuction, which changes and improves the shape of the bust, its size characteristics, and the position of the nipple-areolar complex. However, the combination of breast liposuction with various types of mammoplasty is recommended only if there are appropriate indications. To find out about the acceptability of this type of operation for you, to see the photos of the results, as well as the price of breast liposuction, you should contact a plastic surgeon.

Reducing the size of the bust through liposuction can be carried out under both local and general anesthesia. Cannulas, which are used for liposuction of the mammary glands, are characterized by an extremely small diameter-about 1 mm. Even if it is necessary to use cannulas of increased diameter, the elasticity of the skin of the bust helps to gently stretch the miniature punctures and avoid unnecessary cuts on the skin.

Breast liposuction in women to remove excess fat from the breast is characterized by a number of limitations. This procedure is suitable only for a relatively small reduction in breast size. With breast liposuction, breast size is reduced only by local fat deposits. If the excessive size of the bust is due to an excessive amount of glandular tissue, then instead of liposuction, they resort to reduction mammoplasty.

Liposuction is not suitable for eliminating skin irregularities. Sometimes there is a flabby skin of the breast after liposuction at the site of fat removal. In such cases, mastopexy, that is, a breast lift, is performed simultaneously with liposuction. Mastopexy can be performed simultaneously with or after liposuction.

Who is best suited for breast liposuction?

The optimal candidates for this type of surgery are women whose mammary glands have an excessive volume due to excess fat deposits. This group usually includes women after the onset of menopause, as well as young women who are overweight.

To assess the acceptability of breast liposuction, ultrasound or mammography is used, which allows you to determine the percentage of fat in the mammary glands. This type of diagnostic examination allows you to understand how extensive the upcoming surgical intervention will be. Liposuction of the bust allows you to reduce its size up to 50%, while the natural contours of the breast do not change. Also, liposuction of the bust usually allows you to eliminate a small asymmetry of the glands and slightly tighten the chest. However, it should be understood that liposuction of the mammary glands allows you to only slightly adjust their external characteristics. For a more serious improvement in the size and proportions of the bust, it is necessary to resort to other options of mammoplasty.

In what cases is breast liposuction unacceptable?

This type of cosmetic surgery is not suitable for women with excessively dense breasts. The fact is that liposuction only removes fat, and the glandular tissue of the bust is quite resistant to this type of exposure. Therefore, liposuction can not significantly reduce the volume of the bust in thin women, whose mammary glands consist mainly of glandular tissue, and the fat content in them is low. Only reduction mammoplasty is suitable for this group of patients.

Liposuction of the bust is not used for severe ptosis. In this case, liposuction is not able to lead to a satisfactory result, since significant sagging of the breast will remain. If the breast is very large, then a significant reduction in the size of the bust can be achieved only with the help of traditional reduction mammoplasty, which involves the removal of not only fat, but also glandular tissue.

Breast augmentation with liposuction

Sometimes breast liposuction is confused with breast augmentation with lipofilling. These are different procedures. Breast liposuction removes excess fat from the bust, reduces its size. Breast lipofilling (breast augmentation with liposuction) is based on the enlargement of the bust due to fat obtained from other parts of the body. During breast augmentation with the help of fat from the surface of the thighs and abdomen, through liposuction, excess fat cells are taken away, and then the resulting volume is transferred inside the mammary glands, which leads to an increase in their size

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