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Mar 29, 2021
Darcy Adamson
Core Spirit member since Mar 23, 2021
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What girl today does not leaf through a glossy magazine or social networks that dictate our standards of beauty? We look at girls from the pages of fashion magazines and see the perfect proportions of the body. But what if no diets or sports help in everyday life?

I can easily answer this question: liposuction will help to cope with the problems of fat deposits! Every day at the Linline clinic I see patients of different ages. Many of them - young girls who have given birth or older women complain of problem areas of the body or face that do not give in to weight loss. Especially often I hear complaints about the so-called “fat traps”, from which the fat leaves very difficult. Sometimes it is simply unrealistic to achieve a good result on your own. These places are on the thighs, abdomen, waist, knees, chin, etc. This is where liposuction will help you!

Now this plastic surgery occupies a leading position in the rating. After all, with the help of liposuction, you can easily, quickly and irrevocably remove fat from almost any part of our body. And since this is such a popular operation, it is no wonder that a lot of myths and incorrect information have been formed around it. I want to dispel a few such myths.

Myths about liposuction

Myth one. Perhaps most often from my patients I hear the question, does not the bumps remain and does not the operation spoil the appearance of the skin? The problem of so-called bumps on the skin is a relic of the past. Progress does not stand still and technology in medicine, too. Modern devices for liposuction are equipped with special attachments and even have a slightly tightening effect. The perfect figure is added to the smooth, elastic and smooth skin.

The second myth is related to the misconception that liposuction is a way to quickly lose weight. Yes, I do not argue that after the operation, for example, you will be able to wear jeans a couple of sizes smaller. But I still want to draw your attention to an important fact! Liposuction is not a method of losing weight, but a method of correcting the figure. This is very important to understand, any surgeon who respects himself and values the health of his patient will not pump you 10 or 15 liters of fat. This is extremely dangerous for your health.

The third myth. Patients often think that liposuction is equated with cosmetology and are very much mistaken about this. Liposuction is the same plastic surgery as mammoplasty or abdominoplasty. Before the procedure for pumping out fat, you will need to undergo a full range of tests and examinations. Also, the more zones involved in the operation, the longer the rehabilitation period will be. The zones and their maximum number are discussed at a face-to-face consultation and have strictly individual parameters.

How does fat liposuction surgery work?

The essence of the operation is quite simple. On the selected operated area, several small incisions are made, through which a cannula (a special needle) is inserted, with the help of which the adipose tissue is taken. This needle moves in a fan-shaped way under the skin, breaking up the fat and removing it under vacuum through a special hose connected to the machine on the other side. You can draw a simple analogy with a vacuum cleaner, where everything unnecessary is also taken away and stored in a special compartment.

Rehabilitation after liposuction

At the end of the operation, the incisions are sewn up with a couple of stitches or sealed with a special glue. After healing, no one will be able to notice any traces of you, even in a swimsuit. For any number of areas subject to lipomodeling, the patient must wear compression underwear. It is necessary to prevent sagging skin and prevent the formation of bruises or bruises. It is necessary to wear such underwear for at least 1 month, and in the first 3 weeks it is better to limit yourself to any physical activity and anticoagulants. You should also stick to a small diet, limit the intake of salt, alcohol and junk food. If you follow all the postoperative recommendations, the rehabilitation period passes safely and without complications, and the result of the operation will please you for a long time. No wonder this operation is considered the least traumatic and safe for the body.

Liposuction is certainly not a panacea for obesity, but you can adjust your figure and give it a seductive shape in just one session. I will be very happy to see you at my clinic “Linline”, where together we will be able to find you the most suitable method of correction and modeling of the figure. The specialists of our clinic provide a huge range of services: from cosmetic procedures to plastic surgery.

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