Unraveling The Secret Of Taurine: Extending Animal Lifespan and it's Potential Impact On Human Health
Jun 11, 2023

Unlocking the Secret of Taurine: Extending Animal Lifespan and Its Potential Impact on Human

Scientists say that a variety of animal species benefit from taurine, a nutrient that can be found in meat, fish, and supplements and may extend life and improve health.

Taurine levels decrease with age in various species, including humans.
Increasing taurine levels to youthful levels, as tested on middle-aged animals, resulted in a 10 percent longer lifespan and improved physical and mental health.

The specialists say taurine might be an "mixture of life" - however beating up levels in individuals has not been tried.

As a result, the team at Columbia University in New York suggests that people who want to live longer should avoid purchasing taurine-packed energy drinks or pills.

According to researcher Dr. Vijay Yadav, "one of the most dramatically downgraded [molecules] was taurine." Levels were 80% lower in the elderly than in the young.
Plants hardly contain taurine at all. Therefore, the body either produces the nutrient or obtains it from animal protein in the diet.
Additionally, the research team has attempted to better understand its role in aging for the past 11 years.
'Further developed memory'

A day to day portion was allowed to 14-month-old mice, which is identical to about mature 45 for people.
The findings, which were published in the scientific journal Science, demonstrated that male mice lived for 12% longer than female mice, and that both appeared to be in better health.
According to Dr. Yadav, "whatever we checked, taurine-supplemented mice were healthier and appeared younger."
"They were leaner, expended more energy, had more bone, had better memory, and had an immune system that looked younger."

Expansions in life expectancy of 10-23% were additionally kept in worms.
The researchers then administered taurine to 15-year-old rhesus monkeys for a period of six months—too short to have any effect on life expectancy—and observed improvements in body weight, bone, blood sugar levels, and the immune system.

Prof. Henning Wackerhage, who was involved in the research at the Technical University of Munich, stated, "I thought this is almost too good to be true." In some way, taurine hits the engine room of aging."
However, there are still a lot of big questions unanswered:
Would the same outcomes be achievable in humans?
For what reason do taurine levels fall in any case, in the event that it is so really great for wellbeing?
How can it slow maturing?
Are there any risks in taking taurine?

The scientists played out an examination of 12,000 individuals and showed those with more taurine in their blood were by and large in better wellbeing.
They claim that if the findings from mice were applied to humans, it would be equivalent to an additional seven to eight years of life.
However, proper clinical trials, in which some participants receive the supplement and others a placebo, are necessary to determine whether there is any benefit.

Contrasts in human science might prevent taurine from working or there might be some developmental justification for why levels are intended to fall with age. Taurine is safe according to current evidence, which includes the decades-long availability of energy drinks.
Healthy diet Although taurine is present in our diet, it would be challenging to consume the amounts used in the experiments. The same portion from the creature tests, increased to individuals would be 3-6g (0.2oz) each day.

Fearing that he might unnecessarily influence others, Dr. Yadav refused to disclose whether he took taurine supplements himself.
He stated to BBC News: Before recommending that the general public buy taurine from a grocery store shelf, let us wait for the clinical trials to be finished."

According to Prof. Wackerhage, instead of rushing out and buying supplements, there are already tried and true ways to live longer.
He stated, "If you want to live a long, healthy, and happy life, then one of the most important things is a healthy diet, and of course, you should exercise."

Power plants According to the scientific report, taurine plays a role in reducing cellular senescence, which is a hallmark of aging and occurs when cells in the body stop dividing.
The supplement additionally seemed to keep mitochondria - the power stations in the body's cells - working.
However, it is unknown how it accomplishes any of these things.
The findings "fit well with the existing evidence" on aging, according to Professor Ilaria Bellantuono of the University of Sheffield, but the implications for individuals would remain "limited" until potentially very expensive human trials were carried out.
"It could be used to prevent multiple long-term chronic conditions like osteoporosis, muscle weakness, diabetes, and possibly neurodegenerative diseases if there is a demonstrable clinical impact."
University of Pennsylvania researchers Joseph McGaunn and Joseph Baur made the following remarks regarding the findings: Because plant-based diets are associated with human health and longevity, a singular focus on increasing dietary taurine risks driving poor nutritional choices.

"Consequently, taurine supplementation should be approached with caution in order to improve human health and longevity, as with any intervention."

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