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Eyelid Surgery

Apr 29, 2021

Eyelid surgery is more known as blepharoplasty- a procedure of removing extra skin or fat from your eyelids. It helps to get rid of eye bags and make your eyes look fresh and not tired.

It is quite a common procedure, but before having it – make an appointment with your doctor as it is still a surgery.


The procedure itself costs from 2,000 pounds in UK. Also count the cost of appointments and aftercare.

How to find a surgeon?

First of all find the clinics that perform this procedure. When you find some, check if they have all the needed qualifications. Than go to the list of surgeons and check each to find a license and read about his education. Learn about a surgeon’s experience and read reviews about his work at once.

It is important to have an appointment before the procedure to understand whether you feel comfortable with a surgeon and discuss possible risks.

The process

The surgery process involves:

•making incisions along the eyelid below the lower eyelashes or on the inside of the lower eyelid;

•removing extra skin and fat;

•closing the cut.

An upper surgery takes about an hour, the lower one about 2 hours. The patient can go home on the same day.

Aftercare and healing

It normally takes a week to be back to your normal activities such as working or driving. Bruises and swallowing will disappear in a week time too.


→you need to use pills and eyedrops;

sleep on you back only;

→hold a cold towel or pack for a couple of days;

→wear sunglasses.



•wearing contact lenses;

•swimming and sauna.

Normal reaction after the surgery:

•eyes sensitivity is high;

•eyes are watery;

•small scars on eyelids;

•puffy eyes.

Possible problems

The list of possible problems includes:

•haematomas (will disappear);

•blurred vision;


•eye asymmetry.

Less common:

•eyes muscles injury;

•visual impairment;





•infection and so on.

The surgeon will explain to you why these problems occur and how to prevent getting them.

In case you have some problems or you are not satisfied with the results contact the clinic asap. Your surgeon will have an appointment with you and you will solve all the issues.

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Emma Gardner3y ago

Thank you so much for this article! It’s really helpful. I have wanted to have this operation since I was 18, my eyelids hang so low. All my life I was told that such an operation is done only to those whose eyelids interfere with vision, so I put aside the thought of surgeons. But now I think that there is nothing more wrong with the fact that I want to feel beautiful. This is a huge step for me, I'm sure I want to have this operation, but with my pace of life, I won't have much time to recover. Do you think I should do this? I'm afraid to face convictions and the possible consequences of the operation, I heard that troubles after plastic surgery happen too often. Is it true?