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Lip Enhancement

Apr 21, 2021
Joseph Evans
Core Spirit member since Feb 9, 2021
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Lip Enhancement

Ways to get bigger and softer lips

Big, red and soft lips look extremely attractive. However, with ageing, they get thinner, dry and less bright. Luckily, cosmetic surgery knows the way out!

Lip enhancement is a ranger of small surgeries/cosmetic procedures to keep/make your lips look younger, plumper and redder. The procedures vary from implants to hardly invasive materials that last in your body for a year or less.

What are the reasons?

Why do people consider lips enhancement? The reasons are the following:

- To make lips symmetrical

- Making lips bigger and plumper

- Make lips softer

- Change the shape

- Smooth the lines

What types of procedures can be done?

As we have already mentioned there are many approaches used by cosmetologists/surgeons. Some of the procedures are temporary, some are long-lasting. Actually, it is a common practice to start with short-term ones and switch to permanent ones.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers should be the most popular way to make your lips perfect again. The effect lasts 4-12 months. The procedure is quite affordable and also provide a patient with some options: depending on a product used the lips can be reshaped, smoother or the volume can be added.

Advantages of the procedure:

- The healing is over in 2 weeks

- The procedure takes less than an hour

- Complications are rare

- You can choose the amount of filler according to the size you want


- Unnatural look effect

- The procedure has to be repeated

- Allergic reaction (rarely)

- Fat grafting

- Fat grafting is a procedure of making your lips augmented using your own body fat. The fat is taken from your body parts and injected in lips. This procedure is more expensive and can be done only by a qualified specialist.


- Almost no chance to get allergy

- Lips feel extremely natural

- No incisions needed

- The result might last for years


- If the result is not successful it requires additional surgery and still it is hard to be changed

- Only an experienced and qualified professional can conduct a surgery

- It takes longer to heal

- Some fat might not survive in the lips and additional surgery is needed


This way of enhancement is a long term solution. Implants are normally made from silicone. The experienced cuts your lips (after local anaesthesia, of course) and insert the silicone inside extremely carefully.


- Long term results

- Takes 1-3 days to heal

- Scars cannot be seen (if done by a professional)

- The procedure takes less than an hour

All the ways are effective and each procedure would likely leave you satisfied if performed by the professional. So the most important thing to do is to find a qualified professional.

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Emma Gardner3y ago

Thank you so much for this article. I really want to enlarge my lips, but I am very afraid of judgment and the consequences of the procedure. Can you give me some advice on how to overcome these doubts if I really really want to enlarge my lips?