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Changing the shape of the nose

Apr 2, 2021
Darcy Adamson
Core Spirit member since Mar 23, 2021
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Changing the shape of the nose: Pinocchio is not necessary

Rhinoplasty is a modern method of surgically changing the shape of the nose. Not everyone is lucky with a beautiful, neat and accentuating nose. An incorrect or ugly form from birth, as well as changes after an injury, can cause serious complexes. Any experienced plastic surgeon will say: “Do not withdraw into yourself because of a small aesthetic problem.” Especially with the development of modern medicine in the field of nose surgery.

Reduce it, make it more expressive, flirtatiously upturned or with a sharp tip? Changing the shape of the nose depends on your desire and the natural characteristics of the body. When preparing for nose correction surgery, the specialist will have to study the anatomy of your face in detail, because the operation will change your appearance. By the way, many surgeons will be able to model the future nose and your appearance in advance with the help of computer programs.

As with many operations, nose surgery has its own characteristics: the recommended age for correction is from 18 to 35 years. The youngest age for girls is 13-14 years, for young people the age limit rises to 15 years. This is due to the formation of the facial bone and cartilage-the septum of the nose, because often during the operation, external incisions are not made. For example, to reduce the size of the nose, the doctor in some cases removes wing cartilage.

Depending on the case and the patient’s wishes, the protruding part of the bone (the hump) can be removed or, on the contrary, implants can be installed (when correcting the sunken back of the nose).

The first results can be evaluated in a few weeks, when the postoperative edema subsides. However, to speed up rehabilitation and complete recovery, it is necessary to follow all the doctor’s recommendations and periodically come for preventive examinations.

When choosing where to perform a surgical change in the shape of the nose in Moscow, pay special attention to the choice of a good plastic surgeon. After all, the outcome of the operation depends on his experience and vision.

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