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Ear correction surgery, including ear pinning

Apr 19, 2021
Joseph Evans
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Ear correction surgery, including ear pinning

Ear surgery is considered to be cosmetic surgery as its aim to change the shape and size of people’s ears. However, there are still can be some risks and, of course, this type of surgery is not a cheap one.

More often the surgery is done on teenagers and kids, but some adults undergo it too. The surgery can be conducted if a person is older than 5 as ears are not finally formed until that age.

Is it possible to have your ears pinned on NHS


Yes, it is. For children who need surgery, it can be done easily.

Adults can have one too, but in case they have health problems because of their ears shape or is really stressed.

What is the price

The cost varies from country to country and also depends on the type of surgery. In the UK for example it will cost you 2,500 to 3,500 pounds for the procedure only. Do not forget to include the consultation and aftercare expenses.

Finding a surgeon

Find a list of qualified surgeons in your country via the internet. You have to check if a practitioner owns a certificate as well as read the reviews. Try to find as much as possible to be sure they are real and paid ones.

Book a consultation with a surgeon before a procedure. During your appointment ask the following questions:

- What is your qualifications?

- What is your experience?

- How many surgeries have you done and if can see the example of an already done work?

- What are the risks?

- Might there be any complications during the surgery?

- How to care about your ears when the procedure is done?

How it goes

Of course, the process depends on the type of surgery. The most common one (otoplasty) can be done with a local anaesthetic and involves:

- Exposion of ear cartilage (via a small cut);

- Removing the parts of cartilage;

- Reshaping your ear with putting stitches;

The procedure is taking about an hour or two. Usually, patients can go back home the same day but bondage is needed (to prevent infection and helping your ear to heal in the correct position).

Incisionless otoplasty

This procedure includes no cuts, it is done with a needle that is used to make cartilage more flexible. Sounds good but there is evidence of the safety of this procedure.


If you experience pain takes some painkillers.

After the surgery, you will have to wear bondage – keep it clean and dry. Do not wash your head until it is removed.

7-10 days: the bondage and stitches are removed (still have to wear bondage at night not to hurt the ear)

1-2 weeks: you can get to your normal activities(work/school)

4-6 weeks: you can get back to swimming

After 12 weeks: contact sport is allowed

After the surgery it is normal to have :

- Stiches and a small scar

- Tender ears (only for the first time)

- Small bruise

Possible risks

- Stiff ears

- Asymmetry

- Bleeding

- Allergy

- Infection

- And so on

If something went wrong

If there are any unexpected problems or you are not satisfied with the surgery’s result call the clinic and describe your issues. The surgeon (you worked with) has to help you with everything.

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