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Apr 2, 2021

Plastic nose tip: a spectacular transformation

Sometimes such a small thing as the tip of the nose spoils the appearance of the face as a whole. The straight, thin back of the nose may be disfigured by a forked, knobby, or upturned tip. It is the end part that is responsible for the overall aesthetic perception of the nose and the entire face.

Ideal parameters can be called the shape of the nose, when the angle between it and the upper lip is from 90° to 120°, and the distance from the bridge of the nose to the tip is about a third greater than the distance to which the nose protrudes from the face. There are even accurate digitized indicators of ideal parameters, however, all faces are different, and the main thing is that the nose should sit harmoniously on the face and fit it well. Sometimes owners of large noses with a hump resort to rhinoplasty and, having acquired ideal parameters, lose part of their charm. But, if the owner of the nose of an imperfect shape decides that from him, an ugly nose, all the troubles – only plastic surgery can help him.

Plastic nose tip: professional difficulties

Plastic nose tip refers to complex aesthetic operations. The surgeon must be more than just a master, he must have a very precise harmonic sense and a vision of proportions. Technically, rhinoplasty of the back of the nose is easier than plastic surgery of the tip of the nose. Surgeons have their own professional classification of the tips of the nose: their shape can be upturned, forked, lowered, “nodding” (lowered when talking or smiling), thin or wide. Each of them requires an individual approach, there is no universal advice. Some techniques are simpler and consist of simple removal of cartilage tissue. While others, more time-consuming, give the best aesthetic and long-term result.

Indications and preparation for surgery

Nose plasty is performed for the following indications:

violation of the functions of the nasal breathing due to the curvature of the end part of the nose;

if the nasal septum is curved and, as a result, the tip of the nose is asymmetric;

after a nose injury or birth defects;

if the patient wishes to change the shape or size of the nose;

with an aesthetically unsatisfactory appearance of the nose.

During a consultation with a surgeon, you can evaluate your future nose using 3D modeling of the result of the operation. The preparation for the operation is standard, and the set of tests requested does not differ from the usual list in the case of surgical intervention. For the maximum possible time before the operation, it is necessary to stop smoking and drink alcoholic beverages in order to restore the normal activity of the vascular system. It is also undesirable to use drugs that affect blood clotting (including hormonal contraceptives). In the evening before the operation, you can not eat heavily, and in the morning it is forbidden to have breakfast and drink any drinks.

How does the operation work?

Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose can be performed in combination with other operations on the nose – complete rhinoplasty or septoplasty (correction of the nasal septum), but it can also be a separate operation. Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose is carried out both open and closed, although recently the second is more common and in demand. But experts say that with extensive intervention, the open method is still relevant.

Full anesthesia is used for complex operations, and local, if the planned intervention is not extensive. Before the operation, the anesthesiologist gets acquainted with the patient’s medical history, identifies contraindications and recommends the most gentle and effective anesthesia.

The duration of the operation varies from one to three hours. The complexity of the operation depends on several factors. For the successful outcome of the operation, the shape of the back of the nose, the strength of the cartilage tissues, the thickness of the skin, the details of the anatomy of the nose, its width and length, the size of the angle between the nose and the upper lip are important. The initial data will form the basis of the operation and affect the final aesthetic result.

The “potato” nose is about the round tip that so spoils the face, which makes the entire nose look more massive. At the very tip of the nose, the bifurcated cartilage is well felt. Joining together both sides of the cartilage makes the tip of the nose thinner. This operation is considered to be the simplest, however, if the nostrils of the nose are wide, an expanded plastic nose tip is required. To make the nostrils thinner to match the tip, their skin is slightly excised and then the places of the incisions are sewn together. So on each side of the nostrils become narrower.

Correction of the broad tip of the nose consists in connecting the bifurcated parts of the cartilage with a plate made of the patient’s own cartilage tissue. It is taken from the ear cartilage or formed from the cartilage of the nose. Narrowing of the broad tip of the nose may be accompanied by a decrease in the back of the nose, if it is also wide. Sometimes the width of the nose depends on the width of the nostrils, and then they are also sutured, as described above. If the doctor considers the cause of a wide nose to be excess adipose tissue, he removes it, thereby forming a thin, elegant tip.

Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose in the case of its outstanding length is carried out by removing excess cartilage. As a rule, shortening a long nose is combined with correcting the width of the nostrils and slightly lifting the tip itself, which is narrowed if necessary. Sometimes they make a hypercorrection of the tip of the nose, so that when it is inevitably lowered, it takes the right place. Plastic nose tip with hypercorrection is also found when the tip of the nose is lowered. One of the options for its correction is the addition of cartilage tissue, so that it will rise.

Correction of the protruding forked part at the tip of the nose is corrected in the same way as the wide nose. But in the case of a forked tip, the protruding parts of the cartilage are excised. Then, if necessary, they are fastened with an autotransplant from the patient’s cartilage tissue.

Non-surgical nose tip plastic surgery

When a very small correction of the tip of the nose is required, a low-traumatic reasonable solution is contouring the nose with the help of injections of dense fillers. These are preparations based on hyaluronic acid, which is completely safe and fully compatible with the human body, since hyaluronic acid is a part of it. Contouring the tip of the nose will correct the slight bifurcation of the tip of the nose and lift it, straighten the back of the nose. Contouring of the nose does a good job when you have to make the back of the nose thinner, and the tip-elegant. The only drawback of this procedure is its temporary effect, after which it is repeated every 10-12 months.

The key to the success of the operation

Most rhinoplasty operations are performed with a positive result. Choosing the right clinic and doctor is the first step to a successful operation. Plastic surgery of the tip of the nose, carried out professionally, guarantees a beautiful aesthetic result and full satisfaction of the patient with the effect of the operation. The patient, for his part, must carefully follow the prescriptions of the postoperative period in order to get the result that he dreamed of.

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