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Cyborgs among us

May 18, 2021

With the development of nanomedicine and neurotechnology, what once seemed like fantasy is becoming reality. Many of you, I think, have seen the sci-fi action film The Terminator. with Schwarzenegger in the lead role. Now those same "Terminators" exist in our lives, not on our TV screens.

Cyborgs appear to people as a threat to society, the precursors of the technological revolution. But they are not.

The usual understanding of a cyborg combines the living (organic) and the non-living (mechanical) . This concept has now been expanded. People with implants, pacemakers and even contact lenses are considered to be terminators, as these benefits enhance human abilities. Soon everyone will be able to become a cyborg, because everyone wants to get rid of their physical disabilities.

Now let's talk about those people who have already managed to become the ****"terminators" of our time.

• Neil Harbisson

Neil is an artist with congenital achromatopsia. This means that he could only see black and white colours. Now he has an electronic eye which allows him to see not only ordinary colours but also colours beyond the normal human perception.

• Dr. Kevin Warwick

His nickname is "Captain Cyborg" and he is a lecturer at the University of Reading. Since his youth he has experimented with different technologies and with himself. He once had a chip implanted in his hand that allowed him to operate electrical appliances without touching them. Warwick even implanted an unusual chip in his wife, which allowed him to feel everything she felt. Now his goal is to become the most powerful cyborg ever, which is why he is the founder of the Cyborg Project.

• Jesse Sullivan

He was an ordinary electrician until he was electrocuted so badly in May 2001 that doctors had to amputate both his arms. But a solution was found! The Chicago Institute replaced Jesse's hands with bionic ones. They move when a person thinks about them, and also allow him to sense the temperature and how hard he is squeezing his hand.

• Jerry Jalava

Jerry Jalava is a programmer from Finland. He has had two consecutive motorbike accidents where he lost his left ring finger.
He gave up a conventional prosthesis and opted for something cooler. A prosthesis with a 2GB USB port!!!

• Cameron Clapp

Cameron lost both legs and an arm when he was 15 on the railway tracks because he fainted. Even that didn't stop him from becoming an athlete and activist! He now has prosthetic limbs that are controlled by a microprocessor and allow him to live a normal life.

• Professor Steve Mann

He was one of the world's first cyborgs, creating a headset that enabled video and audio playback and recording.
In 2012, McDonald's employees tried to steal his invention while he was on holiday with his family.

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We live in a very interesting time. Nanotechnology is a huge force and a great responsibility! Whatever the future with these technologies, everything will depend on people, because we ourselves create problems!