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Facial Implants

Apr 19, 2021
Joseph Evans
Core Spirit member since Feb 9, 2021
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Facial implantation is a cosmetic surgery that is done for aesthetic enhancement. The synthetic materials such as silicone are implanted in human face (more often jaw, cheeks and chin) to make it of the desirable shape.

Who asks for surgery?

- People who want to boost their attractiveness;

- People with real problems;

For whom the procedure might be forbidden?

- People with diseases

- Smokers

- People with allergy

- People who do not see the procedure adequately (not realistic expectations);

Why implantation?

People normally undergo the procedure to make their face more attractive as well as to get rid of asymmetry.

Chin surgery procedure

- The procedure requires anaesthesia (mouth and under the chin)

- the small cut is made

- the implant is placed in the chin via the cut

- cutis close with stitches. The bandage is put on.

Jaw surgery procedure

- Anesthesia is done on the lower lip or entire mouth

- A surgeon puts the implant via the cut in the jaw

- The cut is closed. The bondage has to be put on

Cheek surgery procedure

- Anesthesia is done on the lower eyelid, around the mouth and upper lip

  • The material is implanted via a cut (previously made by a surgeon)

- The cut is closed. The bondage is put on


- The result might be seen from the very beginning but not the final one. After bruising is gone you can see it clearly. So do not panic if something is wrong first two weeks.

- Usually people can be back to their normal activities in 1-2 weeks. The entire healing takes 6-12 weeks.

- During the recovery try not to articulate too much as well as not to hurt your face.

- The stitches are moved in 2 weeks after the procedure


Before the procedure book an appointment with a surgeon and check if it is safe for your health to undergo the surgery. Take some test to be completely sure. Also, try to agree with the surgeon the way we will contact him after the surgery – the time and date of appointments and his working hours in the order you will need advice.

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