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Spiritual Coaching/ascension mentor

coaching session
$70 USD

We are in very unique times and many do not realise the spiritual implications of the outer chaos.

I will combine my psychotherapy qualification with my knowledge of alchemy and hermetic laws to teach each individual these laws, how to apply them and make them relevant to each person

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Hi, my name is Darren Peters & I am a qualified Transpersonal psychotherapist. I now combine my knowledge of ascension with bespoke guided meditations for my clients to learn to experience the 5th dimension. I come with a unique vibration known as ‘a spiritual catalyst’ and spiritual coach past 10 years

I bring these skills to core spirit community with the added skill of past life regression.

On Core Spirit since December 2020

2 min.
Dec 31 2020
Creativity, Talent and Addiction

There are a number of talented and creative people that have fallen into the hell of addiction. Some of the most famous people of immense talent like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse have all succumbed to this which lead …

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 23 2020
A spiritual Synthesis

This Is not a common spiritual concept in mainstream circles. In the past It was only the initiates of the higher mystery schools that learnt this profound truth.

But today, as we pass the great alignment and Saturn and Jupiter conjunction of December …

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 20 2020
Sacred Heart Ascension

Jesus, Saint Germain, Ghandi, Merlin, Mother Mary, El Moyra, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Shiva and Serapis Bey.

These are just some of the Ascended Masters/Beings known throughout time, different religions and ancient pasts. They are the ascended m…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 19 2020
Addiction vs Recovery

Darkness, pain, insecurity, anxiety, rejection, worry, poverty, isolation and suicide.

These are just some of the words used to describe the tremendous turmoil and horror addicts may face daily.

Whilst addiction may lie on a spectrum of severity, if one…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Dec 18 2020
Understanding the Sacred elements from Within

In Transpersonal Psychotherapy, a major part of the process is identifying a clients ‘Soul Nature’.

This is an important aspect of the process because it allows the therapeutic practitioner to have the understanding of the clients strengths their weaknes…

Darren Peters
2 min.
Dec 16 2020
The 7 universal Laws

To understand the depth of understanding and connection I’ve dedicated the past 23 years of my personal and professional development - I’ve decided to share on this platform the 7 universal Laws.

These laws are universal laws that would assist ALL on the…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 16 2020
Working with Sacred Geometry

For many years I was fascinated with Sacred Geometry but could only appreciate these shapes in their complexity and symmetry. I clearly was fascinated how aesthetically pleasing to the eye they were, but that was it for a long time.

Out of respect and re…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 16 2020
5th Dimensional Earth

We live on a truly beautiful planet which has endured countless wars, man made catastrophes and senseless environmental pollutions.

Many people on the planet have failed to understand and acknowledge the simple truth that if it was not for our Dear Mothe…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 16 2020
Archetypes of the Universal Mind

It was Carl Jung who helped us understand and articulate the concept of the universal mind and collective unconsciousness.

Most don’t realise the difference between a counsellor (a trained listener) and a psychotherapist (trained to read the subconscious…

Darren Peters
1 min.
Dec 15 2020
The Alchemical Power of the Violet Ray

In the study of Alchemy there exists 4 stages through the transformational process that the leaden soul transmutes into the golden collective consciousness with its I AM presence.

These stages are:

  1. Nigredo

  2. Albedo

  3. Citrinitas

  4. Albedo

In anc…

Darren Peters

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Darren Peters
Apr 15, 2021

hi Carina, what an interesting question and one that would be different for every person depending on sensitivities levels, experience, genetics etc. The 5th dimension can be experienced from within and I can guide you via mediations and chakra healings. If you book a consultation online I will provide you with a beneficial discount

Apr 15, 2021

Hey. I’m so excited with the theme of spiritualism! How long will it take to learn to experience the 5th dimension? Do you think that everyone can learn it? Thank you in advance!

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