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Working with Sacred Geometry

Dec 16, 2020
Darren Peters
Core Spirit member since Dec 8, 2020
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For many years I was fascinated with Sacred Geometry but could only appreciate these shapes in their complexity and symmetry. I clearly was fascinated how aesthetically pleasing to the eye they were, but that was it for a long time.

Out of respect and reverence for the sacred aspect of these geometric patterns of creation I will keep some of what I have learnt to myself, mostly because it’s very difficult to articulate what I have learnt.

So this is a relatively short article, and the picture in the article should be taken note of. This is because our consciousness whilst it understands language of spoken word.

The spoken word is not the universal language of consciousness - image and symbology are the universal language of consciousness also know as the language of light.

These Sacred shapes can be. Found throughout the universe because they are one aspect of how the divine creates in the different planes and realms of reality.

These shapes not only represent the different dimensions through our space and time - they also correlate to the Sacred Elements of the Earth I.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether.

(This requires its own article)

In my practice when working with others, I’ve learnt how to incorporate the energies omitted from these sacred shapes to correlate to the sacred energies of the elements in line with the individuals Merkaba.

Higher consciousness is all about higher awareness and therefore the power, knowledge and energy of these sacred shapes are reminders to our souls of the sacred energies ours souls hold for each of us personally. In time more will be revealed - and sooner than most think.

Darren Peters

Darren Peters
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