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Darren Peters

Hi, my name is Darren Peters & I am a qualified Transpersonal psychotherapist. I now combine my knowledge of ascension with bespoke guided meditations for my clients to learn to experience the 5th dimension. I come with a unique vibration known as ‘a spiritual catalyst’ and spiritual coach past 10 years I bring these skills to core spirit community with the added skill of past life regression.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
Past Life Regression
About Darren Peters

Hi, my name is Darren Peters & I am a qualified Transpersonal psychotherapist. I now combine my knowledge of ascension with bespoke guided meditations for my clients to learn to experience the 5th dimension. I come with a unique vibration known as ‘a spiritual catalyst’ and spiritual coach past 10 years

I bring these skills to core spirit community with the added skill of past life regression.

On Core Spirit since December 2020
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Distance Healing
Darren Peters
Violet Ray Distant energy Healing

The violet Ray is one of 12 Ascended energetic rays I have been initiated and trained to utilise in my remote energy healing therapy

It works on all levels of being be that emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually.

Once you book a violet Ray energy session with me I will give you a free consultation and work with your higher self to incorporate further energetic vibrations into the healing session.

As it is done over zoom and remotely this session cost has been reduced.

This healing is designed to transmute and redesign your quantum energy field utilising my knowledge of sacred geometry and crystal healing. We are ALL whole and eternal spiritual beings but have been programmed to forget this reality. Book a violet ray session and release the old vibrations and learn to embrace and synthesise the new Earth energy field for 2021.

Please see article written by myself on the Alchemy of the Violet Ray for more explanation

Darren Peters
Spiritual Coaching/ascension mentor

We are in very unique times and many do not realise the spiritual implications of the outer chaos.

I will combine my psychotherapy qualification with my knowledge of alchemy and hermetic laws to teach each individual these laws, how to apply them and make them relevant to each person

Get in touch for a discounted consultation and price is per session

Darren Peters
Serenity healing sessions

Grant me the serenity
To accept the thing I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

There are many things happening right now that we can not change and many things that we can

Drawing on the power of each clients higher self these sessions are a combination of talking therapy and energy healing to bring peace and serenity into the clients heart, mind and soul.

Take advantage of half price introduction consultation

Darren Peters
Creativity, Talent and Addiction

There are a number of talented and creative people that have fallen into the hell of addiction. Some of the most famous people of immense talent like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse have all succumbed to this which lead them to tragedy.

A number of famous artists like Russell Brand, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato and Johnny Depp all publicly express their trials and tribulations with addiction. It has been said many times that talented and creative individuals are sensitive, Empaths, or fall within the 20% or 1⁄5 of the highly sensitive variety.

The sensitive personality type, as already stated is 1⁄5 of the population. Not all highly sensitives will be found in the creative arts because not all highly sensitive individuals find their inner purpose,their passions in life or their creative selves.

Most highly sensitives are “introverted” personality types by nature. However, their genius, talents, skills, creativity and passionate spark sometimes leads them into realms of Notoriety, flamboyance and success, which goes against their authentic inner nature.

In the world of fame It’s clear that there are many that seek fame for the sake of being famous. However the sensitive creative personality type has a very different goal. The ultimate goal of the natural sensitive and creative writer, musician, artist, dancer, painter or DJ is simply aligning themselves with their true purpose. This purpose being sharing their creative energy, insight, expression and talent with the other 4⁄5 of the world.

Now, the point of this article is for other sensitive or creative individuals who have fallen into the hells of addiction to find some identification, inspiration and hope. An addict reading this article, may not realise that they have the sensitivities or even a hidden talent, but if they dig deep enough and explore within they will be surprised with the hidden abilities they may find.

Some creatives may use drugs or alcohol to help get them into ‘the zone’ because it helps them feel more creative. There are many famous people who report this, but it’s not encouraged because the consequences of addiction can be tragic.

It is suggested to get into an anonymous fellowship whether AA, GA, CA, NA etc, find a sponsor and work the 12 steps recovery programme. This beautiful programme will not only arrest the disease of addiction, It will also build confidence. It shall also assist the addict in releasing the character defects-which will in turn allow them to find their talents and positive character traits.

In the 12-step recovery program being able to surrender to the idea that only a higher power can arrest the disease of addiction is the only thing that appears to free the addict and release the creativity.

Now if we think of God as being the creative power, intelligence and force that created all. It makes sense that if a person places the act of creativity as their demonstration of a higher power in action and in co-creation with the divine intelligence, this could also at some point arrest the disease of addiction - and not fuel it! Prayer and meditation highly recommended as well !!

Think about it.

Darren Peters

Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Spiritual Coach

Darren Peters
A spiritual Synthesis

This Is not a common spiritual concept in mainstream circles. In the past It was only the initiates of the higher mystery schools that learnt this profound truth.

But today, as we pass the great alignment and Saturn and Jupiter conjunction of December 21, 2020 my spiritual guides intuitively inform me that it’s time to write this short article.

As a spiritual empath and sensitive, for me the process of grounding celestial and higher frequency energy through the process of precipitation is becoming 2nd Nature.

However It wasn’t always so. I also notice on days of great energy shifts and alignments, the tiredness is overwhelming for me as the subtle energy bodies are processing an array of energies, and grounding them into the diamond light matrix and crystal grid of the Earth collective field of light.

A part of being 5th dimensionals is understanding that as an individual And entity-you are just but a cog in a very large set of mechanical wheels/cogs of light. Each cog needing the other to form the functionality of the whole.

The process of spiritual synthesis is when the higher celestial forces precipitate and descend Into the cogs of the light workers of earth. The light workers ground and process this higher ascended light forces into the collective consciousness of humanity.

This process in time will be better understood by more spiritual empaths who act as antennas and receivers of the higher frequency light.

Spirit Vision

Golden cogs appear the same but different sizes and spiralling totally I’m sync. (Cogs are the light forces of the divine)

These cogs hover over a small green field with tiny flowers and bushes (unascended Earth)

The end of each of the cogs start to light up and glow lights brighter and brighter with a fluorescent glow

They now lower into the field of earth and fuse or synthesise together

Final scene-the Earth flowers trees and trees have grown in vibrancy size colour and beauty

Thus representing the needs of the terrestrial forces combining with the celestial energies of light creates a spiritual synthesis of oneness.

(This becomes the new ascended Earth)

Darren Peters

Spiritual healer/coach/therapist

Darren Peters
Sacred Heart Ascension

Jesus, Saint Germain, Ghandi, Merlin, Mother Mary, El Moyra, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Shiva and Serapis Bey.

These are just some of the Ascended Masters/Beings known throughout time, different religions and ancient pasts. They are the ascended masters because they once walked the Earth and became ascended and have left the blue print of the need for ascension today.

They are still with us in spirit and guide many to reach the ascended plane whilst still in physical form just as they once did on Planet Earth.

There are 4 corner stones to successfully accessing your ascended presence. However this short article will only share 2 as the other 2 are more advanced and need commitment, reverence and understanding.

If the reader is serious about embarking on the journey of ascension and genuinely need guidance - feel free to get in touch if looking for spiritual guidance or mentor ship into the ascended realms.

This is a journey and a big step but not an un-achievable one. It does however need to be taken in stages, exercised with due diligence and held in reverence and respect.

I have already shared the first and foundational stage to this process and it can be found in the exercise with the article ‘The 5th Dimensional Earth’.

This article explains the importance of the Earth and the exercise needed to understand and appreciate having gratitude for our amazing and nurturing planet.

An understanding of the 7 Chakras and Pranic tube that encases the chakras would assist also. Please keep an eye out for a follow up article that will go further into depth on this.

The next stage is a simply a prayer to the spiritual plane where the Ascended Masters Consciousness reside. This prayer will not only open the doorway of opportunity but also provide the spiritual guidance and protection needed.

Although the prayer refers to God, it will be accessed by the Ascended Master Collective. It will grant access to these special guides, but also open your heart to the messages that shall come from this collective.

As stated earlier I’m only sharing 50% of this process for reasons already explained. The prayer if prayed sincerely and from the heart and more than once will start the process of opening the ‘three-fold flame’.


God, grant me the key to opening my sacred ascended heart.

Fill this internal three-fold flame with the pink ray of Divine Love.

So that I may be of service to others.

Guide me with the Divine will of the blue Ray so that I may walk in the light of the Divine.

Bestow upon me the Golden ray of Divine knowledge so that my intuition is of God & God alone.


Darren Peters

Spiritual Guide/Healer/therapist

Darren Peters
Addiction vs Recovery

Darkness, pain, insecurity, anxiety, rejection, worry, poverty, isolation and suicide.

These are just some of the words used to describe the tremendous turmoil and horror addicts may face daily.

Whilst addiction may lie on a spectrum of severity, if one finds that their life has become unmanageable and hopeless, then this itself is severe.

It matters not whether their poison, drug of choice or recurring habitual behaviour is alcohol, drugs, sex, food or gambling.

What matters once a person gets honest with themselves and identifies they are an addict is that they ‘reach out’.

The mistake sometimes is that the addict, overcome by shame hurt and embarrassment, reaches out to someone who has never battled with addiction themselves.

Due to Stigma, distortion and Mis-guided information regarding addiction - many addicts fail to find the 12 step programmes of recovery.

However, those that do find the 12 step recovery programmes are on the road to true freedom, joy, spiritual awareness, connection, fellowship, well-being, unity and unconditional love.

For the addict in recovery, the journey and process is not easy and it’s one for life.

Addiction is not a problem with a weak-will but an actual disease of the body and a spiritual malady of the heart and mind.

There is no quick fix out of addiction. The admission of powerlessness is essential and is the cornerstone for every addicts recovery journey.

For many addicts, jails and institutions becomes a distant yet vivid memory of the past. However, the fear of relapse for some grows stronger everyday.

The healing power of Forgiveness is truly one of wonderment, but the addict should not just seek forgiveness and amends from others which is step 8 in the recovery journey. It’s essential that the addict first and foremost forgives themselves.

Daily Submission and Surrender to a power greater, is key to the joys, freedom, serenity, peace and blissful success of recovery.

This is known by those who were once helpless, torn, rejected and fractured by addiction.

This article is written to encourage any suffering addict who feels hopeless, irritable and discontent… that there is recovery programmes that help those struggling with addiction.

Spirituality is key in accessing the power within that will carry the addict across the rainbow bridge of recovery.

I’m very grateful to have this platform where I can reach out to those who may be struggling with addiction to send the message that only an addict can help another addict !

Darren Peters

Addiction and Transpersonal Therapist

Darren Peters
Understanding the Sacred elements from Within

In Transpersonal Psychotherapy, a major part of the process is identifying a clients ‘Soul Nature’.

This is an important aspect of the process because it allows the therapeutic practitioner to have the understanding of the clients strengths their weaknesses and common character defects.

In psychodynamic psychotherapy, Freud identifies the individuals illness and pathology i.e client is either;

1. obsessive,

  1. depressive,

3. hysteric or

  1. A schizoid (type).

Carl Jung included the individuals personality in his differentiation of his clients. They were either;

  1. Thinker

  2. Feeling

3. Sensate

  1. Intuitive (personality type)

In Transpersonal Psychotherapy, practitioners are trained to identify the clients ‘inner soul’ nature through understanding the subtle personality traits that are identified with each soul Type.

Interestingly, our soul natures are aligned with the 4 Sacred Elements of Earth which are;

  1. Earth - grounded and patient

2. Water - creative and caring

3. Air - intelligent and insightful

  1. Fire - powerful and assertive

The 5th Element is Ether or spirit and that can be seen as the persons higher self, containing the means to achieve the ‘ideal self’. The therapeutic practitioner communicates with subconscious mind through the mechanism of creative and guided meditations.

Each type has a receptive quality and a Active quality. Helping our clients understand their inner soul nature is truly a blessing and it gifts the client with the knowledge and confidence to align with their inner authentic self and this essentially is the point of the process.

Unfortunately, through misguided practices, traumatic experiences, unhealthy habits and Toxic relationships - this ideal self in most instances gets lost, blocked and confused.

So, it’s encouraged to find a practitioner with the sensitivities, empathy and compassion to assist you on this amazing journey of discovery because there is nothing more fulfilling than living the life you are supposed to live.

Darren Peters

Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Energy Healer

Darren Peters
The 7 universal Laws

To understand the depth of understanding and connection I’ve dedicated the past 23 years of my personal and professional development - I’ve decided to share on this platform the 7 universal Laws.

These laws are universal laws that would assist ALL on the journey towards mastery and becoming one of Unity Consciousness with The ALL.

Hermetic Wisdom came from the Greek Deity Hermes, who was also the Atlantan high priest Thoth, and the Ancient Egyptian God Tehuti. He is known Hermes Trismegistus or Thrice Great (being 3x great).

He brought the ancient seekers, initiates and Chelas of the ancient mysteries this knowledge of Hermetic science Magic and Alchemy.

The concept of God in this order is known as the ALL and the ALL is just that, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual manifestation of ALL existence of creation existing outside and within us ALL.

The Laws

1. The Law of Mentalism

This Law teaches that the ALL in essence is mental and that creation will always be conceptualised from the mental planes of existence. This is the foundation of the laws and the seeker needs to understand that what follows are to be mastered within the mind first, in order to create and manifest change mentally, physically or spiritually.

2. The Law of vibration

This Law teaches that everything oscillates in the universe, everything moves and has motion nothing is still even the dense rock at the bottom of the mountain. Matter vibrates and so does emotion and so does spirit, they just vibrate at different rates and different degrees.

3. The Law of cause and effect.

This Law teaches that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause, chance is but a law undefined - nothing is by chance all has purpose and cause whether known or unknown.

4. The Law of Correspondence

This laws explains that each plane of existence has its corresponding factors of connection i.e. the mineral kingdom is connected with the plant kingdom which is connected to the animal kingdom and so forth.

As above so below

5. The Law of Polarity

This Law teaches that everything is dual in nature and everything has an opposite and counter force.

E.g. Hot and Cold are not different they are the same thing just at opposite ends of the spectrum of temperature.

6. The Law of Rhythm

This law teaches that in our experience and life this law works like a pendulum swing. The law will compensate and sometime disturb our balance if there is a lack of understanding. The secret to mastery of this law is to find Balance to escape the extreme swings of too much pleasure moving toward too much pain and suffering

7. The Law of Gender

This final Law teaches that in every aspect of the universe there is masculine and feminine qualities even the planets are gender specific with Earth and Venus being feminine planets while Mars and Jupiter are Masculine.

This is a brief snapshot of the laws I share with this platform not only to show my esoteric understanding but also to demonstrate that the Law of Attraction has never been a primary universal Law - yet it’s such a popular concept because it speaks to the laziness of the human mind thinking that it’s as simple as ‘what we think and focus on we attract to our lives’.

The Law of attraction like the Law of Compensation usually only manifests once these primary laws have been mastered first. Just something to think about and please book a coaching session if you want to personally learn more.

Darren Peters
Working with Sacred Geometry

For many years I was fascinated with Sacred Geometry but could only appreciate these shapes in their complexity and symmetry. I clearly was fascinated how aesthetically pleasing to the eye they were, but that was it for a long time.

Out of respect and reverence for the sacred aspect of these geometric patterns of creation I will keep some of what I have learnt to myself, mostly because it’s very difficult to articulate what I have learnt.

So this is a relatively short article, and the picture in the article should be taken note of. This is because our consciousness whilst it understands language of spoken word.

The spoken word is not the universal language of consciousness - image and symbology are the universal language of consciousness also know as the language of light.

These Sacred shapes can be. Found throughout the universe because they are one aspect of how the divine creates in the different planes and realms of reality.

These shapes not only represent the different dimensions through our space and time - they also correlate to the Sacred Elements of the Earth I.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether.

(This requires its own article)

In my practice when working with others, I’ve learnt how to incorporate the energies omitted from these sacred shapes to correlate to the sacred energies of the elements in line with the individuals Merkaba.

Higher consciousness is all about higher awareness and therefore the power, knowledge and energy of these sacred shapes are reminders to our souls of the sacred energies ours souls hold for each of us personally. In time more will be revealed - and sooner than most think.

Darren Peters

Darren Peters
5th Dimensional Earth

We live on a truly beautiful planet which has endured countless wars, man made catastrophes and senseless environmental pollutions.

Many people on the planet have failed to understand and acknowledge the simple truth that if it was not for our Dear Mother Earth, we would not have the opportunity for a physical existence or experience.

This truth is one of many why more and more people are learning to align their consciousness with that of the planets and are becoming multi-dimensional.

The ‘Spirituality of the Earth’ is Shifting and Ascending. We as beings of the the Earth are intrinsically connected to the energy of the Earth and can align our consciousness to its ascending energy.

In the Hermetic Laws you will find the Law of Correspondence and it’s in this law you will find the ancient axiom ‘As above so Below, as Below so Above’.

Crystals are very important at this time and can be used as spiritual allies that will connect your energy to the ascending energy of the Earth and in turn provide the individual with the access to the higher multi-dimensional vibrations of the planet.


1. Holding a crystal in your left palm start to focus on your breathing.

2. Focus your attention in your heart centre and think of the beauty of the Earth.

3. Generate the feeling of gratitude and send this gratitude to the Crystal

4. Allow the Crystal to transmit this energy of gratitude to the Earth.

5. Stay in this blissful energy for as long as you are comfortable returning back to the breath focusing on your heart centre.

The more we as people of this troubled planet realise that we must pull together in love and unity for each other and for the planet, the quicker we will truly witness a grand paradigm shift.

Darren Peters
Archetypes of the Universal Mind

It was Carl Jung who helped us understand and articulate the concept of the universal mind and collective unconsciousness.

Most don’t realise the difference between a counsellor (a trained listener) and a psychotherapist (trained to read the subconscious).

Archetypes are therefore very important in working transpersonally with clients and knowledge of their workings internally can only be advantageous.

Archetypes are the instinctive forces and energies that are bestowed upon us throughout our lives and some are ones we find difficult to shake.

For example, once a Woman gives birth to her first child then ‘the Mother’ Archetype is an energy easier for this female to access helping her be more nurturing and protective of her child.

For some who are already naturally nurturing and caring they can evolve to help many not just their own children and his would demonstrate they are accessing ‘the Mother Theresa’ archetype.

However, someone born parentless will at times tap into ‘the Orphan’ Archetype causing this individual difficulties to connect to others and more receptive to feelings of rejection and abandonment.

It’s important to note that an understanding of archetypes can help the orphan because he may grow into ‘the knight’ someone who is fair and strong and fights valiantly for justice.

But equally the orphan could grow up with a lack of respect for rules, law and society and could just as easily grow into ‘the Criminal’ .

It’s our unconscious and subconscious minds that connect us to the universal mind which holds all the archetypal energies and forces we all can tap into.

Working with a practitioner well versed in these subconscious mechanisms will allow the client to truly explore and learn the ‘oneness and unity’ held within each conscious entity.

Darren Peters
The Alchemical Power of the Violet Ray

In the study of Alchemy there exists 4 stages through the transformational process that the leaden soul transmutes into the golden collective consciousness with its I AM presence.

These stages are:

1. Nigredo

2. Albedo

3. Citrinitas

4. Albedo

In ancient alchemy, the final stage of Albedo is identified with the colour purple or violet, and there is a reason for this.

The vibration of this colour or ‘Divine Ray of Consciousness’ is one of healing, transformation and transmutation.

Most do not realise that the violet ray is a real tangible force and energy that is transmutative.

This transmutative alchemical power was once only for initiates of the Hermetic secret orders, but is now available for all those who wish to transform their consciousness into being multidimensional.

Due to Covid-19 in 2020, many individuals have been forced to take an internal journey and a personal inventory about their lives and the choices they have made thus far.

It is clear that many have not liked the truth of the current state of affairs. The good news is that the violet ray which has been sent by the Ascended Master St. Germain has been sent for this very purpose and ALL have the opportunity for growth and Ascension into the higher planes of existence. It is truly a magnificent gift.

In that light, this article will share a violet flame meditation/exercise for the benefit of all those who want to tap into the abundant flow of energy waiting to transform their inner and outer realities.


1. Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and breath in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth.

2. Focus your consciousness around the centre of your chest where you find the Heart Chakra

3. Imagine a violet or purple light starting to grow with each breath acknowledge St. Germain for the blessing

4. Allow this light to grow and form a bubble outside of you so you rest within this violet light

5. Focus on the things that you want transformed and released from your life for approx 2 minutes

6. Now focus on your ideal self and your best version of reality for as long as you can. It’s important to really FEEL what it will be like in your ideal self

7. Show some gratitude for accessing this alchemical light.

This is one of many exercise that will take you into the 5th dimension and allow you to build that inner template in order to direct your outer reality.

Darren Peters

Energy Healer and Psychotherapist

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Darren Peters
Violet Ray Distant energy Healing
Darren Peters
Serenity healing sessions
Darren Peters
Spiritual Coaching/ascension mentor

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