Understanding the Sacred elements from Within
Dec 18, 2020

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In Transpersonal Psychotherapy, a major part of the process is identifying a clients ‘Soul Nature’.

This is an important aspect of the process because it allows the therapeutic practitioner to have the understanding of the clients strengths their weaknesses and common character defects.

In psychodynamic psychotherapy, Freud identifies the individuals illness and pathology i.e client is either;

1. obsessive,

  1. depressive,

3. hysteric or

  1. A schizoid (type).

Carl Jung included the individuals personality in his differentiation of his clients. They were either;

  1. Thinker

  2. Feeling

3. Sensate

  1. Intuitive (personality type)

In Transpersonal Psychotherapy, practitioners are trained to identify the clients ‘inner soul’ nature through understanding the subtle personality traits that are identified with each soul Type.

Interestingly, our soul natures are aligned with the 4 Sacred Elements of Earth which are;

  1. Earth - grounded and patient

2. Water - creative and caring

3. Air - intelligent and insightful

  1. Fire - powerful and assertive

The 5th Element is Ether or spirit and that can be seen as the persons higher self, containing the means to achieve the ‘ideal self’. The therapeutic practitioner communicates with subconscious mind through the mechanism of creative and guided meditations.

Each type has a receptive quality and a Active quality. Helping our clients understand their inner soul nature is truly a blessing and it gifts the client with the knowledge and confidence to align with their inner authentic self and this essentially is the point of the process.

Unfortunately, through misguided practices, traumatic experiences, unhealthy habits and Toxic relationships - this ideal self in most instances gets lost, blocked and confused.

So, it’s encouraged to find a practitioner with the sensitivities, empathy and compassion to assist you on this amazing journey of discovery because there is nothing more fulfilling than living the life you are supposed to live.

Darren Peters

Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Energy Healer

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