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Sacred Heart Ascension

Dec 20, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Jesus, Saint Germain, Ghandi, Merlin, Mother Mary, El Moyra, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Quan Yin, Shiva and Serapis Bey.

These are just some of the Ascended Masters/Beings known throughout time, different religions and ancient pasts. They are the ascended masters because they once walked the Earth and became ascended and have left the blue print of the need for ascension today.

They are still with us in spirit and guide many to reach the ascended plane whilst still in physical form just as they once did on Planet Earth.

There are 4 corner stones to successfully accessing your ascended presence. However this short article will only share 2 as the other 2 are more advanced and need commitment, reverence and understanding.

If the reader is serious about embarking on the journey of ascension and genuinely need guidance - feel free to get in touch if looking for spiritual guidance or mentor ship into the ascended realms.

This is a journey and a big step but not an un-achievable one. It does however need to be taken in stages, exercised with due diligence and held in reverence and respect.

I have already shared the first and foundational stage to this process and it can be found in the exercise with the article ‘The 5th Dimensional Earth’.

This article explains the importance of the Earth and the exercise needed to understand and appreciate having gratitude for our amazing and nurturing planet.

An understanding of the 7 Chakras and Pranic tube that encases the chakras would assist also. Please keep an eye out for a follow up article that will go further into depth on this.

The next stage is a simply a prayer to the spiritual plane where the Ascended Masters Consciousness reside. This prayer will not only open the doorway of opportunity but also provide the spiritual guidance and protection needed.

Although the prayer refers to God, it will be accessed by the Ascended Master Collective. It will grant access to these special guides, but also open your heart to the messages that shall come from this collective.

As stated earlier I’m only sharing 50% of this process for reasons already explained. The prayer if prayed sincerely and from the heart and more than once will start the process of opening the ‘three-fold flame’.


God, grant me the key to opening my sacred ascended heart.

Fill this internal three-fold flame with the pink ray of Divine Love.

So that I may be of service to others.

Guide me with the Divine will of the blue Ray so that I may walk in the light of the Divine.

Bestow upon me the Golden ray of Divine knowledge so that my intuition is of God & God alone.


Darren Peters

Spiritual Guide/Healer/therapist

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