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Creativity, Talent and Addiction
Dec 31, 2020

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There are a number of talented and creative people that have fallen into the hell of addiction. Some of the most famous people of immense talent like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse have all succumbed to this which lead them to tragedy.

A number of famous artists like Russell Brand, Keith Urban, Demi Lovato and Johnny Depp all publicly express their trials and tribulations with addiction. It has been said many times that talented and creative individuals are sensitive, Empaths, or fall within the 20% or 1⁄5 of the highly sensitive variety.

The sensitive personality type, as already stated is 1⁄5 of the population. Not all highly sensitives will be found in the creative arts because not all highly sensitive individuals find their inner purpose,their passions in life or their creative selves.

Most highly sensitives are “introverted” personality types by nature. However, their genius, talents, skills, creativity and passionate spark sometimes leads them into realms of Notoriety, flamboyance and success, which goes against their authentic inner nature.

In the world of fame It’s clear that there are many that seek fame for the sake of being famous. However the sensitive creative personality type has a very different goal. The ultimate goal of the natural sensitive and creative writer, musician, artist, dancer, painter or DJ is simply aligning themselves with their true purpose. This purpose being sharing their creative energy, insight, expression and talent with the other 4⁄5 of the world.

Now, the point of this article is for other sensitive or creative individuals who have fallen into the hells of addiction to find some identification, inspiration and hope. An addict reading this article, may not realise that they have the sensitivities or even a hidden talent, but if they dig deep enough and explore within they will be surprised with the hidden abilities they may find.

Some creatives may use drugs or alcohol to help get them into ‘the zone’ because it helps them feel more creative. There are many famous people who report this, but it’s not encouraged because the consequences of addiction can be tragic.

It is suggested to get into an anonymous fellowship whether AA, GA, CA, NA etc, find a sponsor and work the 12 steps recovery programme. This beautiful programme will not only arrest the disease of addiction, It will also build confidence. It shall also assist the addict in releasing the character defects-which will in turn allow them to find their talents and positive character traits.

In the 12-step recovery program being able to surrender to the idea that only a higher power can arrest the disease of addiction is the only thing that appears to free the addict and release the creativity.

Now if we think of God as being the creative power, intelligence and force that created all. It makes sense that if a person places the act of creativity as their demonstration of a higher power in action and in co-creation with the divine intelligence, this could also at some point arrest the disease of addiction - and not fuel it! Prayer and meditation highly recommended as well !!

Think about it.

Darren Peters

Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Spiritual Coach

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