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Feel Your Flow: Get Unstuck, Love Yourself, and Recreate Your Life Retreat

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On this retreat you will gain a solid understanding, knowledge and valuable tools to use throughout your life to love, care for and support yourself to confidently stand in your full power and create the life experience you want and deserve. This is the time and place to really come alive and thrive!

If you are an eager, open-minded person who;s feeling stuck but yearning to embrace your full power and potential, then join us on retreat, where you will get re-energized, break through barriers, find a new inner balance, and come away with all the tools you need to create an exciting and joyful new life!

During this retreat you will gain and enjoy...

  • A solid understanding of how you can love, value and care for yourself more so you can support yourself and thrive in your life! 
  • Valuable knowledge and tools you can use throughout your life to confidently stand in your full power.
  • Personal life coaching sessions to assist you in processing and healing from any life trauma that has caused you to feel stuck so you can break free and recreate your life!
  •   Insightful journaling exercises and engaging group discussions will help you identify and eliminate debilitating thought processes or beliefs that have held you back.
  • Clarity about what you really want in your life and several powerful mind-body techniques and personal herbal and nutritional guidance  you can use to support yourself, increase your energy and guide you in recreating your life!


  • A delightful stay in a safe, comfortable and beautiful accommodation
  • Delicious healthy vegetarian gourmet cuisine made with love you can taste!
  • Airport transportation to and from the retreat
  • Energizing and beneficial yoga, Pilates, breath work, and meditations
  • Transformational self-esteem and confidence building hypnotherapy sessions.  

(Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective therapy that works directly with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is 90% of our mental potential.  Addressing the issue on the subconscious level treats it directly and empowers you to consciously change your thought patterns and habits to support you going forward.The hypnotic state is a state of deep relaxation yet hyper awareness similar to what you experience right as you go to sleep or upon waking. It is a very peaceful, pleasant state of being.)

  • An empowering photography session with a talented professional photographer who is gift is to show you your beauty
  • Energy healing therapies
  • Knowledge the ancient art of Feng Shui to create a positive energy flow in your life
  • Fun, creative and colorful artistic experiences
  • And 3 hours of personal relaxation time each day!
  • Ocean and nature adventures
  • A scenic and insightful trip to the local El Cora waterfalls and a lunch of local specialties on enchanting Las Islitas Beach
  • And more fun surprises!

PLUS  Awesome Bonuses!

  • A pre- retreat personal life coaching session to evaluate and prepare for how the retreat can best serve you!
  • 1 post retreat group follow up support session AND1 follow up personal life coaching session to support you going forward!
  • An empowering hypnotherapy recording you can continue to transform with long after you have returned from retreat!

Available Dates :

December 5th-11th, 2021
January 23rd-29th, 2022
March 20th-26th, 2022

Please message me with any questions. We hope to see you on retreat! =)

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Hi! I love working with people through healing retreats and online to promote healing, consciousness expansion, and help to create a solid foundation for well-being.

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I integrate a variety of therapies in my sessions including energy healing and mind/body techniques, and herbal and nutritional guidance.

5 years of practice
On Core Spirit since March 2021

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Alina Lee
Apr 30, 2021

Is it a course? How long does it take to achieve any results?

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