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Self Care to Sobriety

coaching session
$765 USD

4 weeks.

4 coaching sessions.

4 meditations.

4 modules.

This is the course to change your relationship with alcohol in a world where that seems impossible. We are surrounded by all things boozy from such a young age, there is nothing more freeing than deciding you've had ENOUGH. No more hangovers. No more beer fear. No more hangxiety.

You've already completed some dry months and now you are looking to make a bigger lifestyle change. You are committed to this journey and excited about the possibility of an alcohol free lifestyle.

The course is broken down into 4 modules:

  1. Who Are You?

  2. Your Strength

  3. Your Dream

  4. Your Future

If you needed a sign, this is it! Now is the time to commit to loving yourself and creating a future that you love every second of.

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$765 USD
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