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Sacred Sleep

mentorship session
$333 USD

6 Sessions to improve sleep quality through breathwork

Our body has a natural day and night cycle that often needs some rebalancing. When this rhythm returns to a natural state we can begin to explore how to improve sleep quality.

Topics we may cover:
- Basic Breathing Patterns (Stress releasing breathwork)
- Intermediate breathing patterns (Ayuervedic Sleep breathing)
- Advanced Breathing patterns (Soul breathing)
- Meditating while sleeping
- Heartbeat dreaming

My intention is to help you improve sleep quality (even if you only have a 5 hour sleep hour) by teaching you basic, intermediate, and advanced breathwork techniques.

Once our sleeping patterns are consistently nourishing us we have an opportunity to explore deeper and higher levels of consciousness.

Experiencing these deeper and higher sates is what I call Sacred Sleep.

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Karimu Corbeek
May 27, 2021

Hi Joan,

Insomnia is a complex aspect of sleep, there may be chemical, neurological, or even emotional reasons that are causing it. Depending on the situation it may be important for you to look into diet, breathwork, or a basic movement practice.

Therefore, its hard to say "exactly" how the session goes.

I hope this helps.


Joan Wilson
May 25, 2021

Hi! This is really interesting. I would like to know exactly how the sessions goes. Does this practice help to deal with insomnia? Thx in advance!

Karimu Corbeek
May 4, 2021

Hi Marc,

Thanks for reaching out, and great question.

As with most of my services the results are quite subjective and personal. In efforts to be transparent it would be unethical for me to say that everyone will 100% feel the benefits after one session or one week.

Should you be familiar with the material I am offering we may be able to skip the basic level practice and dive into the Ayuervedic Breathing Pattern. How well someone learns this practice is entirely up to them.

I would like to add that the majority of people who have learned this tend to share an incredibly deep and blissful sleep on the first night.

Hope this helps,

Marc Bowden
May 4, 2021

Hello. Could you please tell me if my sleep gets better after 1 week of sessions with you, will I need to attend your sessions further? Thanks.

$333 USD
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