Brainwaves and Meditation

$60 USD
$60 USD

Access higher states of consciousness through Neurofeedback and Brainwave technology and research.

Altered states of consciousness have been documents by Max Cade in 70s and 80s. Over 40+ years of well documented research from reputed academics have shown the positive benefit of meditation and altered states of consciousness.

Reaching these states can be a challenge but with Neurofeedback and Brainwave Training its possible to access these states in a more controlled and directed way.

Although a device is needed to accurately measure someone’s brainwave(s) we are still able to base a consultation on your Subjective Experience. I will provide advise on struggles you are having with reaching higher states.

Together we can look at:
- How to isolate Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta
- How to generate the Meditation Brainwave Pattern
- How to introduce Gamma in your Meditation Practice
- Commons issues that happen when we try to force our brainwaves

Hope to connect soon.

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I am Karimu and my intention is to help anyone connect deeper to their natural blueprint. I do this through Yoga, Neurofeedback training, Energetic Therapy, and Self Mastery. Its a process I call Alignment.

Together we can take a look at your current blueprint and build a practice that brings you closer to your natural blueprint.

Hope to connect soon.

8 years of practice
On Core Spirit since April 2021

Alignment Consultation
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 07:00
$60 USD

Body, Energy, or Mind Alignment Consultation.

Feel welcome to connect if you have any questions related to centering and connecting to your original blueprint.

In our session we will have a brief consultation where we can look at what practices can help you connect to your Body, Energy, or Mind Blueprint.

This might be:
- Functional movements to correct joint imbalances
- Energetic practices to balance the Chakra system
- Mental practice to train states of higher consciousness

Although we will focus on one topic I would like to remind everyone that alignment is a holistic practice.

A practice where we bring Body, Energy, Mind, and Soul home.

Karimu Corbeek
Dream Interpretation
Sacred Sleep
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 07:00
$333 USD
mentorship session

6 Sessions to improve sleep quality through breathwork

Our body has a natural day and night cycle that often needs some rebalancing. When this rhythm returns to a natural state we can begin to explore how to improve sleep quality.

Topics we may cover:
- Basic Breathing Patterns (Stress releasing breathwork)
- Intermediate breathing patterns (Ayuervedic Sleep breathing)
- Advanced Breathing patterns (Soul breathing)
- Meditating while sleeping
- Heartbeat dreaming

My intention is to help you improve sleep quality (even if you only have a 5 hour sleep hour) by teaching you basic, intermediate, and advanced breathwork techniques.

Once our sleeping patterns are consistently nourishing us we have an opportunity to explore deeper and higher levels of consciousness.

Experiencing these deeper and higher sates is what I call Sacred Sleep.

Karimu Corbeek
Holistic Therapies
Holistic Alignment
Nearest available time:
Oct 5, 2023, 07:00
$540 USD

A personal approach to merging your physical, energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies.

This course is meant for anyone looking to take a next step in heart centered living, meditation, energetics, and connecting to their space of divinity.

We will come together 9 times during this one on one course.

My intention with this course is to help you understand how to design a self-evolving practice that has your sacredness at its center.

Topics we may cover -
- Functional movements related to posture and meridian lines
- Emotional release techniques like body dialoguing
- Inner Child Work, past life, and ancestral healing
- Brainwaves and how they influence our state of mind
- Personal Vibration Management
- Soul Alignment

Ideally by the end of our sessions you are able to design practices for yourself that help gain mastery over your spiritual growth at any moment of the day.

Karimu Corbeek
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Hello! I would like to know exactly how the session goes. Thanks in advance!

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