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Remote Crystal Healing and Crystal Surgery Sessions

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$155 USD

Powerful remote healing sessions by an experienced practitioner via audio connection. Geographic location has no impact on the quality of this service.

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Hi, my name is Vivien and I am a teacher, healer and author with 38 years experience. My initial background is in clinical psychology, but I diverted and became a teacher of the Alexander Technique. My experiences led me to develop skills in energy healing, and my specialty is crystal healing. I developed Crystal Surgery publishing an award-winning textbook on this topic in 2020.

On Core Spirit since January 2021

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Vivien S. Schapera
Apr 29, 2021

Hi Martina, thanks for contacting me. What I mean by “healing” is to stimulate, or unblock, or switch on the self-healing mechanism which is our birthright. Unfortunately, we can get overwhelmed and the self-healing mechanism cannot kick into gear. With regard to mental problems, it depends what the cause and origin of the problem is. If it is a genetic disorder, then psychiatric care or medication is most advisable. If your problems are mostly psychological, then perhaps psychotherapy is advised. If the mental issues are coming from misaligned energy, then energy healing (which includes crystal healing) can be very helpful. It can be hard for people to discern whether their issues are primarily physical, psychological or energetic, so if you want to tell me more, I may be able to help you distinguish what is going on.

Martina Malone
Apr 29, 2021

what is meant by healing? if I have a mental problem, can you help me deal with it? thank you in advance for your answer!

$155 USD
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