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What is Crystal Surgery?

Jan 24, 2021
Vivien S. Schapera
Core Spirit member since Jan 9, 2021
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Crystal Surgery is a new system of Crystal Healing that engages the physical, chemical and electrical properties of crystals to adjust the physiological and energetic functions of the physical body. Crystal Surgery is holistic, affecting all levels of functioning, from physical to spiritual.

Crystal Surgery is distinct from other methods of Crystal Healing because of the way that the crystals are used as tools. Crystal tools are used in a similar way to the way that surgeons use their tools in physical surgery.

The crystal tools can be applied to the physical body, to effect physiological changes and can also be used to operate on the energy field and energy body of the client.

Whilst the healing effects of a Crystal Surgery session usually continues to build for forty-eight hours, many changes should occur during the session. Immediate benefits should include a decrease in pain, an increase in physiological functioning, and a positive shift in mood, emotion and energy levels. Observable physiological changes should include deeper breathing, a slower heart rate, improved circulation indicated by coloring of face and extremities, and a smile!

By the end of the session, the client should feel completely different from when she walked in. Overall, there should be a 180 degree turn in the clients’ energy: If she came in tense she should feel relaxed and vital, and if she came in fatigued or lethargic, she should feel integrated and energized.

Even in chronic conditions, where the healing effects need time to manifest, Crystal Surgery should deliver immediate results that indicate the techniques are working. The client should still feel benefits, like having more energy and feeling more optimistic, by the end of the session.

Crystal Surgery is not a substitute for medical treatment. When medical intervention is necessary, Crystal Surgery can be used as a supportive measure. One of the best applications of Crystal Surgery is to complement physical surgery. When a physical surgery is required, Crystal Surgery can be used to do the equivalent surgery on the energy body, so that the client is energetically prepared for the physical surgery. This typically shortens the length of the physical surgery and shortens the amount of time needed for physical healing, as well as aligning the energies for a successful physical surgery without complications.

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