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Everyday Magic: Tired of Feeling Down? Here's a Real-Life Story to Inspire You

Jan 24, 2021
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It is timely to share the insights of Everyday Magic. These are extracts from an interview with the author about this memoir, published as an ebook in 2020:

“Come with me, I want to tell you my story, all of it, from the beginning – the story of how I discovered everyday magic. Everyday magic is the funny side of sad, the truth in paradox and the reality which hides behind the illusion of everyday life. And me? I’m Vivien. That’s where coincidence ends and the magic begins. My name means Life, from the Latin root, lending me the opportunity to penetrate an existential mystery. I am called to inspire you, show you how the pieces of life fit together, in a magical whole. This is a case-study. As you read, don’t think about me, think about yourself. I want you to find everyday magic.” Everyday Magic, p. 1, opening paragraph.

What is the topic of the book?

In real life we don’t have one superhuman mentor or one massively challenging scenario; what we do have is a series of teachers and a series of challenges that teach us to become ourselves. But that doesn’t make our lives less magical … it makes them more magical! I wrote the book after reading other inspirational writers who used fictionalized teachers with virtually superhuman powers; and fictionalized opportunities with life-altering insights, and I wanted to redress the balance.


Extraordinary magic is within the reach of each and every one of us. As soon as we look at our lives with a different attitude – the attitude that we’ve been given an opportunity to experience the wonders of life on earth – we begin to attend to different dynamics. And that’s when the magic begins.

What inspired you to write and publish this book?

Destiny. As a child, I knew I was going to write a book about my life I even had a title – we grew up on Mountain Road, and my working title, as a child, was “Mad Mountain Road.” “Mad” means crazy in South Africa, and here in the States it means “angry.” Interestingly enough, now that I look back on my family of origin, I realize they were crazy because they were angry!

Motivation for Writing the Book?

An inner drive to use my life as a case-study to help others overcome adversity, follow their path and develop their potential.

Highlighted Topic?

We can’t always choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond. The good thing and the bad thing are the same thing, it’s up to each of us to “make it good.”

Book Description?

Everyday Magic will strike you in a sweet spot you probably didn’t know you had. In this elegant memoir, Vivien relates how the spirit world guided her, through growing up in the Apartheid South Africa of 1960 – 1990, with an LGBTQ brother, through coming to the USA, and founding FourWinds Academy, a school for training healers.

This pleasing guide takes readers on a journey of spiritual discovery that yields fresh insights into their own lives. Using her studies of Psychology and the Alexander Technique as her launch pad, Vivien shares her spirit-inspired exploration of holistic lifestyles, psychotherapy, bodywork, martial arts, healing, crystals, intuition and shamanism, learning from celebrated teachers such as Melody, Michael Harner and Brian Weiss. Vivien shows how all roads lead to empowerment; and her message is uplifting: magic is within your reach and mine, every day. Allow it to happen.

Quotes from Reviews?

Through Vivien’s life story, I curiously found my own…remembering my own desires, searchings, beliefs, and gifts. Vivien’s book came at a perfect time in my life and it encouraged me to believe in myself again, and to follow my heart, knowing that I am guided and protected each step along the way. As inspiring as Vivien’s faithfulness and strength was, it was her innocence and the purity of her heart that compelled me the most. I felt a deep connection to her through her writing style, and through her honesty. As I approached the final chapters, I noticed I was reading at a slower pace than the earlier chapters, not wanting it to end. It was like saying good-bye to a long-time friend.

I can’t wait for her next book so we can have another visit together. I know you will feel the same way. This is a wonderful book about life and faith. Vivien is a gifted writer and educator who shares her life story with us so eloquently and vulnerably. You MUST get this book! You will love it!!

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