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If you're not feeling as healthy, energetic and productive as you'd like to, this Nutritional Assessment may be of interest to you! Even though we all strive to eat better, exercise more and improve our lifestyle, we often don't know where to start and what would work best for us.

This nutritional assessment is a great first stepping stone! By completing an online questionnaire with over 600 questions, you get to take a snapshot of your current health get detailed insights on your unique biochemistry!

Upon completion you will receive a 10-20 page comprehensive report via email complete with diet, lifestyle and supplement suggestions that are specific to you!

The nutritional analysis puts the results into priority sequence, letting you know which items require immediate attention and which are items to keep an eye on. For each category where there is a specific imbalance, the report makes recommendations for improvement with diet and/or supplementation. The report can be printed in an easy-to-read color graph and text format!

If you plan to follow through with lifestyle changes, you can even order a follow-up assessment for half the price in 6 months from now!

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