Past Life Reading

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A past life reading is when someone who sees intuitively, reviews your incarnations & provides detailed information about them. Lifetimes reviewed in the readings are often relevant to your current life & help you to make sense of present time experiences, beliefs & challenges. Information from past lives can be used to heal, transform and to help you get clearer about your current life path. Readings can stimulate profound growth and understanding and can have a positive, uplifting impact on your current life!

A past life reading can assist you to:

  • … better understand difficult relationships

  • … recognize your soul mates and soul group.

  • … know your souls purpose for the current life.

  • … gain a new perspective on your challenges.

  • … clear unresolved emotional issues.

  • … shift self-limiting beliefs and stuck concepts.

  • … release old patterns and adjust your energy.

  • … discover why you are attracted to certain places and historical times.

Give it a try! I promise that you will be surprised! In these readings I connect directly with the energy of your past life and can describe vivid memories for you. I look forward to reading for you!

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My practice is a safe place for you to be yourself, to share and to heal at your own pace. My approach recognizes that you are more than the sum of your individual components. Come and find out why most clients see an improvement in their well-being and notice changes in their mental, spiritual and physical health within just a few sessions! I would love to meet you!

16 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

Space clearing
$88 USD
healing session
Home Clearing Session & Entity Removal

When you move into a new home you clean it thoroughly. Did you know that it is also very important to clean the energy in a home? If you have heard of people smudging their homes or placing crystals in various rooms of their house, you will know what I am talking about.

My focus during a remote home clearing is to remove all negative energies and bing in positive energy, love, light and peace. I clean your home by connecting energetically with every room, sensing the energy contained within that space. I will feel emotions, get impressions of what has happened in those rooms over the years and whether or not the room supports you and your life. Every once in a while energies will cross my path during these cleanings, which I will either assist to move into the light (if they are ghosts) or banish (if they are negative entities).

I cleanse your home from a metaphysical point of view in order to increase the energy of our home, so that it can support you and your loved ones! After my session is concluded, I will send you a personalized 1-2 page report, outlining all of my findings and what has been cleared. Once the energy has been improved, it will be easier for all household members to manifest abundance and enjoy a harmonious life!

Kerstin Kramer
$77 USD
healing session
Usui Reiki Session

WELCOME! I am an experienced Reiki Master / Teacher & energy healer from Ontario, Canada and among my clients I count people with cancer, fibromyalgia, migraines, joint problems, muscle tensions, arthritis, broken bones (just to name a few) that come from all ethnic backgrounds and age groups.

WHY DO I SELL ON FIVERR? I am a very compassionate and caring person and my main focus in life is to share my gift with people near and far!

Offer: This service is for one distance Tibetan Usui Reiki session to balance your energy and to improve your energy flow. These sessions can be sent to anyone, regardless of where you live. If you require on-going sessions (repeated in weekly intervals), please purchase extra Gigs. I recommend to start with 3 consecutive sessions at first and then to continue care with weekly sessions.

WHAT IS REIKI? Reiki is a type of energy medicine that can be performed either hands on or through distance sessions. By improving the patient's energy flow, Reiki stimulates healing and helps to treat a wide range of health conditions.

IMPORTANT: Reiki is often used to compliment ongoing sessions, but is not meant to replace regular advice from your family doctor.

Kerstin Kramer
Spirit Guides
$77 USD
coaching session
Spirit Guide Reading

Since I was little I've had people confiding in me with things that they've never talked about with anyone else. During my years as a practitioner clients keep saying to me "You are the only one who sees the real me and who understand me!". People feel safe in sharing with me, as they feel that I come from a place of complete non-judgement, love and understanding. When people connect with me I raise my vibration, connect with their Spirit Guides and soul essence/higher self. In that space I see them in all their glory and I can sense what is holding them back from living a fulfilled life. We all have stumbling blocks in life, but they can all certainly be overcome with patience and love!

If you've been feeling stuck in your life and don't know how to move forward, this service is for you! We will connect via phone to talk about your most burning questions! I will share what I see and feel; some of it may be unexpected, some of it will feel true to you. I will be honest and forthcoming, but always deliver what I have to share from a place of profound compassion and love. Let's see how we can help you move forward together! It won't be as hard as you imagine it to be - I promise!

Kerstin Kramer
Spiritual Healing
$88 USD
healing session
Quantum Healing Session

Every feeling, every emotion and every thought creates a change in our body chemistry at the subatomic level. And it is these quantum changes that create our state of health.

Quantum healing explains why everybody has the ability to change the condition of his or her physical body regardless of age, health status or body type.

With my Quantum healing sessions I can get all the way down to the root cause of your dis-ease and bring your body, mind, spirit back to balance! During the session I will check in with all aspects of your body, your mental health and spiritual root causes. You will receive approx. 3-4 pages of my notes back in writing, detailing exactly what imbalances I found and what was cleared at the end of each session.

You will be surprised how much my findings will resonate with you and how light you will feel after just one session! Give it a whirl!

Kerstin Kramer
Nutritional Therapy
$99 USD
Nutrition Assessment

If you're not feeling as healthy, energetic and productive as you'd like to, this Nutritional Assessment may be of interest to you! Even though we all strive to eat better, exercise more and improve our lifestyle, we often don't know where to start and what would work best for us.

This nutritional assessment is a great first stepping stone! By completing an online questionnaire with over 600 questions, you get to take a snapshot of your current health get detailed insights on your unique biochemistry!

Upon completion you will receive a 10-20 page comprehensive report via email complete with diet, lifestyle and supplement suggestions that are specific to you!

The nutritional analysis puts the results into priority sequence, letting you know which items require immediate attention and which are items to keep an eye on. For each category where there is a specific imbalance, the report makes recommendations for improvement with diet and/or supplementation. The report can be printed in an easy-to-read color graph and text format!

If you plan to follow through with lifestyle changes, you can even order a follow-up assessment for half the price in 6 months from now!

Kerstin Kramer
Emotional Stress Release
$77 USD
healing session
Emotional Clearing Session

I offer remote balancing & clearing sessions that utilize advanced methods of long-distance energy work, which allow me to tune into exactly the issues that need healing in your body and your body's energy.

In these sessions I am working with your energy field, so there is no need to meet me in person for a session. I work remotely with your Higher Self and Divine Inner Self, in order to swiftly balance and clear out energetic blockages. This facilitates a shift of your energy into a state of greater peace and freedom and divine alignment.

Most people experience a noticeable shift after their very first session, although I recommended starting with two sessions with two to four weeks in between. Afterwards clients book monthly sessions, and a few even book weekly sessions for maintenance.

I will take notes during the session, which will give you an overview over which blockages were cleared. Any additional insights that are provided to me during the session will be added as well. I will deliver in a Word document upon completion of your session!

Kerstin Kramer

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