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I offer remote balancing & clearing sessions that utilize advanced methods of long-distance energy work, which allow me to tune into exactly the issues that need healing in your body and your body's energy.

In these sessions I am working with your energy field, so there is no need to meet me in person for a session. I work remotely with your Higher Self and Divine Inner Self, in order to swiftly balance and clear out energetic blockages. This facilitates a shift of your energy into a state of greater peace and freedom and divine alignment.

Most people experience a noticeable shift after their very first session, although I recommended starting with two sessions with two to four weeks in between. Afterwards clients book monthly sessions, and a few even book weekly sessions for maintenance.

I will take notes during the session, which will give you an overview over which blockages were cleared. Any additional insights that are provided to me during the session will be added as well. I will deliver in a Word document upon completion of your session!

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My practice is a safe place for you to be yourself, to share and to heal at your own pace. My approach recognizes that you are more than the sum of your individual components. Come and find out why most clients see an improvement in their well-being and notice changes in their mental, spiritual and physical health within just a few sessions! I would love to meet you!

15 years of practice
On Core Spirit since May 2021

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$77 USD