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I will do oracle and tarot card readings

$80 USD
$80 USD

I will do oracle & tarot card reading in any area of your life. You will get answer from the Angelic, Elemental, Faerie or Galactic realms. I will share with you what was transmitted to me concerning your issue via any of my Celestial sources.

The daily challenges that you face on Earth can at times feel insurmountable and you often may feel lost, confused, or alone. But in your quest for answers and solutions you are truly never alone. You have assistance, guidance and support from loving Angels, from powerful and magical friends from the Elemental Kingdom namely the Fairies, Elves, Mythological creatures. Galactic Family, brothers and sisters that reside in other star systems, on star ships, planets and Universes also come to your rescue.

Many light, magical and galactic beings just waiting for you to ask for their intervention in your life. They love to help you. They cannot intervene unless you ask and give them permission on some level. We live in a world of free will and the magical interdimensional beings of light do abide by this when it comes to individual assistance. The more they are present in your life, the more magic, miracles, joy, passion will be in your world.

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Geneva, Switzerland

Guidance and wisdom from the Angelic, Elemental, Faerie and Galactic realms for healthy relationships, healing and money manifestation. I connect to high-frequency dimensions of light. You will receive clarity, empowerment, transformation, illumination and healing.

On Core Spirit since June 2022

Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
What secrets will be revealed to you about your entire life on Earth?
What is truly incredible and another thing that spirit tells me is that you won’t know the true way that your spirit guides have helped you from the other side and the way that your guardian angel saved you, because there is so many ways that your guardia…
Angel Healing
Wisdom Realms
How your guardian angel warns you about danger or trouble?
Now, there are times when your guardian angels will warn you when something is about to happen. You will feel that feeling in the pit of your stomach not to go somewhere, not to do something, not to trust a certain person, that is a big one too. So, angel…
Angel Healing
Wisdom Realms
How your guardian angel communicates with you?
When your fears and anxieties take over tell you not to do something, don’t open your heart back again, you are not good enough to do that job, when you fears take over and say you are never going to have a life like that, when your anxiety creeps in and …
Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
What happen when you miss opportunities in your life?
All of those decisions that you are meant to make within your life, let’s say you say no to a certain opportunity, that opportunity will keep coming back around again and again until you are ready to take that leap and to make that choice. Well, think abo…
Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
The importance of the decisions in your life
Your spirit guide leads you to things, presents opportunities, but your spirit guide doesn’t make decisions for you that is what is so important. Nothing in life is predetermined. Your spirit guide knows who you are supposed to meet, what you are meant to…
Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
How your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together in your Ife?
So, what I want you guys to know is that in tandem your spirit guide and your guardian angel work together through life. Your spirit guide is guiding you to through the show that is happening through life and your guardian angel is like a cheerleader in h…
Angel Healing
Wisdom Realms
What is the role of your guardian angel in your life?
Your guardian angels have come into your life in many different ways. Sometimes people think of guardian angel as being that saves you from the train that is about to hit, that pulls you from the car crash before you die, that divinely intervenes and save…
Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
What is the role of your spirit guide in your life?
Your spirit guide is supposed to lead you to your soulmate, help you through your challenges and your situations, present certain people, certain opportunities, certain risks. All these things you are supposed to go through in life your spirit guide does …
Spirit Guides
Wisdom Realms
How your spirit guide and your guardian angel choose you?
I want to talk about what they are doing in your life, why they are important and more importantly how you can sense and feel them. They are with you every day. The one thing that the spirit word has told me is that your spirit guide and your angel choose…

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