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The importance of the decisions in your life
Aug 9, 2022

Your spirit guide leads you to things, presents opportunities, but your spirit guide doesn’t make decisions for you that is what is so important. Nothing in life is predetermined. Your spirit guide knows who you are supposed to meet, what you are meant to do, what your path is supposed to be, because we are all born here in this world with certain talents, skills and abilities, but your spirit guide always wants you to make those decisions for yourself. So, sometimes we meet our spirit guide, but we decide not to get married, we decide to put our career first and not a relationship. Sometimes it’s just the opposite. Sometimes it is that you might have an opportunity that comes up for you, that is part of your life path, that is part of your life mission and you push it aside, because instead you want to try to meet your soulmate and experience love and open that chapter. Sometimes there is missed opportunities that happen within life. Our spirit guides will lead us to opportunities that we are supposed to do, certain jobs that we are supposed to have, certain people that were meant to help, certain pathways and maybe we are not brave enough to take that first step despite the way that our guardian angel is showing us the signs to put one foot in front of the other and makes those opportunities happen, or say yes to a certain contract, to a certain thing, or to pursue our dreams. Well, those things still happen, those opportunities are still there, but it is up to you to take that next step forward and that is what your spirit guide is responsible for you, for laying out the opportunities. They say to you, you could be with this person and this person and you have to decide are you going to go on the date, are going to put your heart out there, are you going to apply for that job, are you going to move to a different state, are you going to overcome your fears and worries and anxieties. Well, your spirit guide doesn’t help you make those decisions unfortunately. Your spirit guide lays them out and it’s up to you to make that decision, but I will let you know that your spirit guide doesn’t leave you hanging as well.

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