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What is the role of your guardian angel in your life?
Jul 19, 2022

Your guardian angels have come into your life in many different ways. Sometimes people think of guardian angel as being that saves you from the train that is about to hit, that pulls you from the car crash before you die, that divinely intervenes and saves you just before death. Well, sometimes that happens, but sometimes it doesn’t. Here is the reason why, your guardian angel isn’t responsible for just keeping you out of safety. Your guardian angel is meant to help you through the challenging and emotional things that you go through in life. So, as your spirit guide is leading you through hell, through all these challenges, hills, mountains, valleys, all of these things, your guardian angel is the one that is behind you saying you can do this, it’s ok. Your guardian angel is sending you energy, comfort during dark times. Your guardian angel is the one that showing you kind of that light at the end of the tunnel.

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